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News, reviews and independent buying advice for a broad range of laptops with Intel, AMD or Via processors.

Dell ditch online Ubuntu sales

Dell have stopped selling laptop and desktop machines with Ubuntu preinstalled, but they say they aren’t ditching the OS completely as its going to be offered via phone sales. Dell spoke to PC Pro, and a spokesman said “we are currently making some changes to our Ubuntu pages, and as …

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Sony Recall over half a million Vaio laptops

Sony are under the spotlight due to reports in that 535,000 Vaio laptops are going to be recalled due to a temperature control defect that may cause dangerous levels of heat, leading to chassis distortion. The issues however don’t end there, because reports by the Wall Street Journal suggest that …

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Strong Sony movement toward AMD?

Sony Centre ready for AMD

Funny thing about technology journalism. No one talks about a topic and it’s not in the public domain. You then do a story and suddenly you’re inundated with new information. That happened over the weekend, during our server move (yes, we know, KitGuru works overtime, Saturdays, Sundays and during the …

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HP Sales struggle to keep momentum

Hewlett Packard have been experiencing a huge drop in sales lately, according to our sources in the Far East. HP Notebook shipments in May hit 2.6 million which was down dramatically on expectations of around 3.4 million. While the economy is being blamed we can only wonder how Apple managed …

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Alienware add Core i7 to netbooks

Alienware parent company Dell are about to unleash a new range of netbooks which will incorporate Core i3, Core i5 and Core i7 processors. While this sounds like a rather unusual move it is certainly going to cause a stir with many tech sites who have always complained that the …

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New Asus NX90 laptop – pure flash

Asus have just released their new mega NX90JQ laptop over in Taipei. The machine not only brings a new meaning to the word ‘bling’ but it features Bang and Olufsen ICEPOWER speakers which surround the LCD screen. Finished in aluminum the Asus 18.4 inch machine is quite an eye catcher. …

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Panasonic Toughbook CF-31: Hard as nails

Panasonic have been making Toughbooks for quite some time and they are commonly known as the leaders in this particular field. They have released the new Toughbook CF31 which is apparently not only extremely tough but rather quite pretty. The CF-30 is the fifth generation Toughbook and makes a claim …

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Clevo preps nVidia GTX SLi notebook

With a global drought on GTX 470/480 graphic cards for desktop systems, Clevo has had to pay top dollar in order to get a handful of special nVidia chips ready for a new top end gaming notebook. This bulk purchase of GPUs begs a second question, if the desktop cards draw …

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