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News, reviews and independent buying advice for a broad range of laptops with Intel, AMD or Via processors.

Kobalt release new Sandy Bridge notebooks

We recently tested Intel’s latest desktop Sandy Bridge processors which really impressed us with their impressive performance.  But we haven’t yet had a chance to test any Sandy Bridge based laptops to see how they compare to the previous generation models. Kobalt Computers are renowned for producing some of the …

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AlienWare M18x will have dual GPU options

Rumours on the grapevine suggest that Alienware are planning to release the M18x, complete with dual nVidia Sli or ATi CrossfireX options. Alienware laptops prove popular with the wealthier enthusiast audience who want a high performance machine with a unique design. The high end series never boasts incredible battery life …

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MSI AMD FX610 notebook hits Europe

MSI have released a fine looking AMD based laptop – The FX610. There are two models being offered, based around a dual core P340 Athlon II and the Tri core P840 Phenom II processor. The Phenom II model is going to retail at €699 (thats euros, we haven’t got confirmed …

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Samsung aim to ship 15 million notebooks in 2011

Insiders spoke to KitGuru late last night and our discussion was based around Samsung notebook shipments in 2011. This year they are expected to sell around 11 million units and they expect huge growth next year. Even though many analysts are saying that the tablet market is becoming more dominant, …

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Macbook Air 2010 a copy of the Vaio X505?

Apple have released the new Macbook Air, a striking new wedge design which features an ULV Intel processor. The only thing, this looks to be extremely similar to the Sony Vaio X505 released six years ago, in 2004. Steve Jobs said that the new MacBook Air is ‘the future of …

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LG ditch Google Froyo based tablet

LG have announced that they are ditching the plan to launch a tablet computer based around Google Android 2.2 ‘Froyo’. Exact reasons are not yet clear but reports are hinting that Froyo 2.2 is not suitable OS for their product. LG have said “We plan to introduce a tablet that …

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