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News, reviews and independent buying advice for a broad range of laptops with Intel, AMD or Via processors.

HP Envy 14 Spectre premium ultrabook announced

HP have officially revealed their new Envy 14 Spectre at the CES show in Las Vegas. This is being pitched as a ‘premium ultrabook’ with a price tag to match. It measures 0.78 inches thick and is reminiscent of a Macbook machine in the PR picture we received. The Spectre …

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AMD want cheap ‘Ultrabooks’

Intel have been pushing the latest generation of thin and beautiful ultrabooks, but the only problem for many people is the pricing. Often around £1,000 in the UK, pushing them out of range of the mainstream audience. AMD’s vice president of global product and outbound marketing Leslie Sobon spoke to …

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Toshiba prototype ultrabook with Windows 8

Slashgear have managed to get a hands on with a prototype Toshiba ultrabook which features Windows 8. The laptop is based on an Intel Core i3 1.3ghz processor which 4GB of memory and a 128GB SSD drive. They claim that Windows 8 runs on integrated graphics within this machine but …

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Lenovo add Thunderbolt to new Thinkpad range

Lenovo have announced today that they will be producing new Thinkpad laptops with upcoming third generation Intel Core processors and the new lightning quick Thunderbolt interconnect, currently found primarily on Apple Macbook machines. The new machines – the ThinkPad X1 Hybrid and the Thinkpad S430 will include Thunderbolt. Lenovo claim …

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Dell XPS 14z Review

Whether you like them or not, almost everyone agrees that Apple have been consistently creating some of the most beautiful laptop computers for many years. Dell are keen to showcase that they have the engineering prowess to compete with Apple and today we are looking at their XPS 14z, a …

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MSI X460 Laptop Review (Core i7)

MSI have been releasing some very capable gaming and business systems in the last year. Today we are looking at their latest X460 machine, which is aimed at a user who demands maximum processing power. Our review machine is based around a powerful second generation Core i7 2630QM processor, which …

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GScreen Spacebook: Dual 17 inch screen laptop

If you like a lot of screen real estate then this latest machine might just make your next shortlist. Kitguru reader Ponni sent us information on a new machine which is going to ship with not one, but two 17.3 inch screens. The Gscreen Spacebook is currently only available for …

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MSI X460 ultrathin with Core i7

MSI announced on Friday the new X460 ultrathin laptop which is heralded as being the lightest laptop to feature the Intel Core i7 processor. The X460 is mated with the X460DX, which has dual graphics card toggling. They are thinner than an inch thick and weigh around 2kg. The X460 …

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