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Leak gives first look at HTC 11 specs and design


HTC’s place in the Android smartphone market has been slipping over the last couple of years but perhaps the company’s next flagship will help turn things around. A leak this week has revealed what appear to be the final specifications for the HTC 11, which will be HTC’s 2017 flagship …

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Problems continue to prevent launch of Apple’s AirPods


Back when Apple launched the iPhone 7, the company created a unique problem for itself, with the headphone jack now gone, there needed to be new options for those who like to listen to music from their phones. Apple’s solution was a pair of very expensive wireless in-ear headphones and …

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Samsung may permanently disable remaining Galaxy Note 7s


While Samsung has managed to recall a significant chunk of Galaxy Note 7s, there are still those who don’t want to take part and are still holding on to the device despite any potential issues that may arise. In order to avoid any more damage being caused by remaining Galaxy …

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Supreme Court sides with Samsung in Apple patent case


It looks like Samsung might just wiggle its way out of the $399 million fine it was ordered to pay to Apple after a lengthy patent dispute case, though it won’t get out entirely unscathed. Many of you will have likely heard about Apple’s lawsuit against Samsung, in which Apple …

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Nokia set to make Android smartphone return in 2017


A number of ex-Nokia employees have banded together and licensed the brand name from Microsoft. Not only that, but they’ve secured a manufacturing partnership too and plan to resurrect Nokia smartphones in 2017 – building a brand new Android device around it. The new firm is called HMD Global and …

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Nokia will return in 2017 with new Android smartphones


Nokia is finally set to make its return to the smartphone market in an attempt to reclaim its glory days. However, this time around, the focus will be placed on Android, rather than Windows Phone, with plans to release several smartphones over the course of 2017, with the first batch …

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Samsung Galaxy S8 may offer up to 256GB of storage


People are relying more on their smartphones every year and as a result, for many, storage needs have also increased quite a bit, which has led to 8GB and 16GB phones becoming a thing of the past, with most companies now focussing on offering 32GB, 64GB or 128GB. However, we …

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Samsung assures customers that Galaxy S7’s won’t explode


Samsung has had a difficult time of things the past couple of months. Despite a much publicised recall, the Galaxy Note 7 smartphone it released just kept overheating and exploding. Ultimately it had to scrap the entire launch and call in millions of handsets, costing it billions. Looking to rebound …

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HTC partners with Usain for the ‘Bolt’ smartphone


HTC’s smartphone business hasn’t been going too well in recent years. Its flagship devices have failed to find the strong market they needed to be a life-saver for the company, though it has found some success in 2016 with its VR ventures. However this doesn’t mean it’s giving up on phones. …

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Ireland to appeal EU’s €13 billion tax ruling against Apple


There has been a lot of controversy surrounding Apple and its tax payment strategy in Europe, which involves routeing money through Ireland for lower tax rates. Back in August, the European Commission ended its three-year investigation into the case, concluding that Apple should still owe around 13 billion euros in …

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Samsung Galaxy S8 likely delayed, will feature Viv AI


While things started off strong this year for Samsung with the early release of the Galaxy S7, it looks like problems with the Note 7 may have set back the company’s plans for the Galaxy S8 in 2017. For several years now, Samsung has used the Mobile World Congress (MWC) …

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