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Whether you prefer Quadro or FirePro, this is best place to get workstation advice. Clear, simple testing that reveals the best solution for your needs. Professionals need KitGuru’s advice before they buy.

YOYOTech M-Cube WS2 Review

Building on what was good about the M-Cube WS we reviewed recently, YOYOTech has tried to fit even more processing power into an unfeasibly small package with the M-Cube WS2. Where the M-Cube WS opted for a frequency-enhanced Core i5, the M-Cube WS2 takes a more traditional workstation approach, using …

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YOYOTech M-Cube WS Review

The 3D graphics workstation is supposed to be big, black and expensive, like the Green Hornet’s gadget car. But YOYOTech clearly hasn’t read that particular script with the M-Cube WS. The model we were sent was not only about half the size of the average workstation, but half the price …

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Sapphire announces metal cased EDGE DS8 mini-PC

AMD partner Sapphire has just announced a new member of its mini-PC family, the metal-encased EDGE DS8. Designed with business professionals in mind, specifically those in the AV sector, the DS8 is specced similarly to the previously released VS8, but packs an SSD and new housing that should improve thermal …

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Mushkin enters the market of enterprise-class SSDs

Mushkin, a leading manufacturer of various consumer-class computer components, on Monday introduced its first enterprise-class solid-state drives (SSDs). Since the company is a newcomer to the market of enterprise-grade SSDs, its drives are not aimed at the high-end of the market, but are designed for various workstations that require improved …

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Lenovo announces affordable high-performance workstation

In a press release,  Lenovo has announced that it will be bringing high-end workstation performance to those on a budget. The ThinkStation E32 will be available with Intel Xeon® E3 and 4th generation Intel Core i7 and Core i5 processors, a choice of Nvidia Quadro GPU’s and support for up to …

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Asus launches range of ESC G2 supercomputers

If you’ve been sitting at home, researching GPGPU and wondering “What’s the best way for me to assemble a super computer with almost 2,000 CUDA cores, 24GB of memory and the ability to process close to 5 billion triangles a second?”, then Asus may have the answer for you. Not …

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HP brings 27-inch Z1 AIO Workstation to market

Got a thing for the cleanliness of All-in-One PCs at the home or office but haven’t found anything big and bold enough to tickle your fancy yet? – HP’s Z1 might be more your cup of tea with the company claiming it as the world’s first AIO “Workstation” positioned PC, …

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Cryo PC smashes world speed record

While everyone and their dog can attack the Futuremark records, breaking the SPEC performance record takes some doing. KitGuru has been following the adventures of this Vale of Aylesbury company for a while now, and this announcement is quite special. During a recent, exclusive interview, Cryo founder Alan Johnson told …

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nVidia supercomputer delivers 1.271 petaflops per second

Is your computer just not cutting it anymore? Then perhaps this will get the juices flowing. China has just installed the worlds second most powerful computer built around nVidia Tesla C2050 boards. The system has a total of 4,640 Tesla parts and also features a rack of Intel X5650 processors. …

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