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Featured Tech Reviews

Rosewill RK-9000 Keyboard Review

Today we have another item from NewEgg.ca to review – The Rosewill RK-9000 gaming keyboard. This is a mechanical style keyboard that uses Cherry MX Blue switches to provide that ‘old school’ feel of an IBM style keyboard. There are multiple types of keyboards available today of which the most …

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Enermax LuxuRay ATX Midi Tower Review

We have seen many high quality chassis being released this year from various manufacturers, and while it is fun to concentrate on luxury high end products like the Thermaltake Level 10, not many people will be willing to part with £550, just for a case. Enermax, better known for their …

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Galaxy GTX 460 GC 768MB Review

Over the past few months KitGuru has looked at several different GTX 460 models leaving very little room for surprises; but today thanks to NewEgg.ca we have the Galaxy GTX 460 768MB  card on our bench and ready to rock. This card has at least one unique feature, a removable …

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Qnap TS-259 Pro+ Review

QNAP are well respected for their high end business solutions and today we look at one of their newest products aimed at the mid market audience – the Qnap 259 Pro+, based around a 1.8ghz dual core Atom processor with 1GB of DDR2 memory onboard. With a retail price around …

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XFX HD6850 CrossFireX review

When nVidia released the GTX460, everyone was literally blown away – this was a mid range card that utterly dominated the market and delivered staggering levels of performance, particularly when overclocked. AMD had left a big hole in its range, from the 5770 to the 5850 – with only the …

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nVidia Geforce GT430 Review

nVidia launched DX11 a full 6 months behind AMD’s Radeon 5000 series and it’s been playing catch-up ever since. Today we are looking at the GT430, the latest and lowest priced model in the new Fermi range. It will be nVidia’s first Fermi fired into the huge sub-£100 market. Winning …

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