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Intel Core i7 2700k Review

Intel have had a hell of a year, with little competition offered in the enthusiast sector. AMD’s Bulldozer chip looked promising, but sadly fell short of the mark, even with double the physical cores. The Core i7 2500k and 2600k have remained the enthusiast number 1 choice, and today we …

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Gigabyte E350N-USB 3 Review

AMD’s latest Brazos Platform has proven popular over recent months, with many users adopting a secondary low powered system for general, light duties or as the foundation of a high definition media center. Today we are looking at the Gigabyte E350N USB 3 motherboard which is built to the high …

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ASRock E350M1 Fusion Review

AMD’s Fusion Platform was released in January and finally we are starting to see some availability throughout Europe in recent weeks. We have already analysed products from Asus, MSI and Sapphire and today we look at the latest fusion board from Asrock, the E350M1. Specifications: AMD Dual-Core Zacate E-350 APU …

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Intel Core i7 970 CPU Review

The Intel Core i7-980X Extreme Edition is the most powerful CPU we have tested at KitGuru and while it still holds the enthusiast market performance crown, not many can afford the £850+ asking price. I have received quite a few emails recently asking if we were going to review the …

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Overclocking the AMD 1055T – 3700mhz out of the box

The latest AMD 1055T and 1090T six core processors are fantastic value for money and we particularly like the 1055T due to the very low asking price of around £160 inc vat. Many people opt for the 1090T Black Edition due to the unlocked Multipler and higher clock speed (3200MHz …

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