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Super Mario Run comes to Android in March


Back in December, Nintendo topped the iOS charts with the launch of Super Mario Run, the company’s first proper mobile game based on its most famous franchise. At the time, Super Mario Run was exclusive to iOS but that will be changing soon, with Android users able to get their …

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Nokia set to make Android smartphone return in 2017


A number of ex-Nokia employees have banded together and licensed the brand name from Microsoft. Not only that, but they’ve secured a manufacturing partnership too and plan to resurrect Nokia smartphones in 2017 – building a brand new Android device around it. The new firm is called HMD Global and …

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Nokia will return in 2017 with new Android smartphones


Nokia is finally set to make its return to the smartphone market in an attempt to reclaim its glory days. However, this time around, the focus will be placed on Android, rather than Windows Phone, with plans to release several smartphones over the course of 2017, with the first batch …

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Google’s Android antitrust deadline extended

Back in April, the European Commission officially filed its anti-trust complaint against Google in regards to Android and its pre-installed apps and services. At the time, Google was given until the 27th of July to refute the complaint but ended up nabbing an extention, bringing the deadline to the 7th …

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Android 7.0 Nougat will start rolling out today


Just as rumours previously predicted, Google is kicking off the rollout of Android Nougat today, with the OS update coming to the Nexus 5x and Nexus 6P. On top of that though, the update is also coming to the Pixel C tablet, which wasn’t previously mentioned. Android 7.0 is a …

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It looks like Android Nougat might release next week


Google kickstarted Android Nougat’s development a lot earlier than expected this year and back in June, one of the final beta releases for the OS came out. Now, it looks like Android Nougat is ready for its public release, which could happen next week according to new reports. Apparently, Android …

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Russia is fining Google for pre-installing apps on Android


Google can’t seem to escape its antitrust battles, not only are they under investigation by the European Commission but Russia also had a bone to pick with the search provider over pre-installed Android apps. Now, Google has been hit by a $6.75 million fine in Russia, for requiring pre-installed apps …

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Cyanogen Android ROM failures lead to job losses


It would seem that trouble is brewing over at Cyanogen, who have reportedly cut jobs from the Android ROM section of the business after failing to gain mainstream popularity through partnerships with the likes of OnePlus and Microsoft. There is also word of Cyanogen shifting its focus from its OS …

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OnePlus 3 is the first to launch invite-free

Following on from many, many leaks, OnePlus officially announce the OnePlus 3 smartphone today. Previously OnePlus has launched new handsets with an invite system designed to help control stock and demand but that won’t be the case this year as the OnePlus 3 will be available to purchase directly with …

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Apple reportedly bringing iMessage to Android

Apple made its first step into the Android app world with Apple Music last year, bringing its new Spotify competitor to the rival mobile platform. Now, it looks like Apple might be expanding even more of its services to Android, as reports this week are saying that iMessage may end …

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EU issues formal antitrust complaint against Android

Earlier this week we got news that the European Commission was in the final stages of its Android antitrust investigation, taking on formal complaints from companies that feel that Google has abused its market position with the Android OS. The process went quicker than expected as the commission has notified …

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Someone got Counter-Strike running on a Android smartphone

You can do a lot with smart devices these days and while it is always interesting to see Minecraft or Half-Life running on a smartwatch, it is obviously not particularly playable. However, you can play Counter-Strike 1.6 now on an Android smartphone, with all of the necessary controls and everything. …

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Google warns of Android root access security flaw

Google has issued a warning to Android users this week after it discovered a bug present in the software that could allow hackers to gain root access to your smartphone through a certain application. The flaw itself isn’t particularly new and was originally discovered two years ago in the Linux …

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HTC could be set to make Nexus phones for next three years

Google has often switched between different smartphone makers on an almost yearly basis for its Nexus devices. However, this year that could change, we have already been hearing rumours that HTC is set to make this year’s Nexus flagship but the company could be on board for the next two …

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Google to issue Nexus 5X update to fix performance issues

Back when the Nexus 5X first launched, some users had issues when it came to performance, with slowdown, lag and crashing issues popping up. Fixing these problems could also require rebooting the phone entirely, which is odd since Nexus devices are supposed to run Android better than most. Fortunately for …

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Nvidia reinstates Shield tablet Marshmallow update

Update: Nvidia has begun rolling out the Android Marshmallow update to Shield tablet owners once again. The update was pulled earlier this month due to a bug causing WiFi to periodically disconnect for some owners. At the time, some troubleshooting instructions were offered to help but now the proper fixes should all …

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New Android SMS malware surfaces

A new virus has begun doing the rounds on Android smartphones here in Europe. It is called the Mazar virus and it spreads to devices via text messages but once installed, it can forward all of your web traffic through a proxy and allow attackers to get a hold of …

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Samsung Galaxy Note 6 to come with 6GB of RAM

While the Galaxy S7 is set to be announced this week, that doesn’t mean that we should forget about what’s ahead. This week, rumors surrounding the Galaxy Note 6 began to circulate, suggesting that it might just be the first smartphone in the world to pack in a massive 6GB …

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Kodi to take legal action to combat links to piracy

Kodi is a pretty well-known media player, used by millions across the world to view content. However, it also doubles as a popular tool for piracy, with many third-party packs available that grant access to streaming sites, torrent trackers as well as streams to live TV channels like Sky Sports. …

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