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Child’s Play charity raised over $7 million in 2013

Think what you will of the guys behind Penny Arcade with all their dickwolf antics, the Child’s Play charity they set up back in 2003 has been a resounding success. Not only has it become a household name in the gaming scene, especially thanks to its cooperation with sites like …

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Want an Xbox One signed by Kim Dotcom?

It’s still a week until the Xbox One is officially released, but even then you won’t be able to get one signed by internet entrepreneur Kim Dotcom. But even if you could get him to do it, that wouldn’t help typhoon Haiyan victims as well would it? Bidding on this …

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Humble Bundle launches Humble Store

If you thought the world was as Humble as it was ever going to be with the regular Humble Bundles and the even more regular Humble Weekly Sale, then you’ll be impressed/surprised to hear that there’s now another way to give money to charity while buying discount games and in …

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Want a white Xbox One? Better have deep pockets

If you wanted to own a white Xbox One just last week, you’d have found the only way you’d ever get a chance, would be to go back in time and start working for Microsoft’s Xbox division sometime in the past few years, as they’re all getting one in a …

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Great gamers raise $6.4 million for charity

Gamers are a good lot. Really, we are. For all the media that paint us as rabid killing machines going through digital training before going on a rampage, we’re generally good people who like to play games. Just because it’s Call of Duty or League of Legends instead of checkers …

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Kim Dotcom to battle 100 CoD players for charity

Internet entrepreneur Kim Dotcom has pledged to take on 100 Call of Duty gamers in 1v1 matches at the upcoming Digital Nationz gaming expo, in the Vector Arena in Auckland, as part of a charity drive. For every one player Dotcom beats, he will donate $100 to charity. While this …

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Loosely worded bill could cripple charity campaigns

Ah those politicians, they do love their vaguely worded bills don’t they? We’ve had SOPA and PIPA before with their thinly veiled restrictions on freedoms and now there’s a new one, though admittedly in a different sort of vein. Known as the Transparency of Lobbying, Non-Party Campaigning and Trade Union …

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Freecycle for the street with Dutch plastic bags

Good Bag

There are probably a few younger Kitguru readers that have found themselves in a new abode without much in the way of appliances or seating options, and some that simply don’t have enough funds to replace an ageing piece of furniture. Those people will likely be familiar with Freecycle – the community …

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THQ Humble Bundle could be most profitable ever

Humble THQ Bundle

Despite the furore that appeared shortly after the Humble Bundle announced its partnership with financially wobbly publisher THQ, it looks like it’s going to be the most profitable bundle ever, with just under 12 hours to go to raise the last $300,000. The current record holder for most profitable Humble …

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Follow your crap on Google, for a good cause

When scientists embark on multi-billion dollar projects to launch satellites, map the earth and set up the most advanced tracking & computational centres ever seen, they were probably in Star Trek mode. Certain that they were adding to the sum of human knowledge and helping NASA to reach for the …

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