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Google Chrome plans to combat auto-play videos

If there is one thing a lot of us don’t take too kindly to on the internet, it is auto-play videos on sites in the background. Google already made finding which tab is playing audio a little easier last year with a new speaker icon displayed on tabs with audio, …

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Google working to fix Chrome high RAM usage

Chances are, if you use Google Chrome, you have noticed just how much RAM the browser tends to eat up. Well, Google’s development team is also aware of this and is now working on a fix, which will hopefully make Chrome use up fewer resources. Currently Chrome creates a new …

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Evidence suggests that Spartan will support Chrome extensions

Microsoft officially revealed its new web browser, currently code-named ‘Spartan’, at its Windows 10 press event earlier this month. Since then, there has been much speculation surrounding the browser’s extension compatibility. However, evidence suggests that Microsoft’s new browser will support Chrome extensions. Originally, it was a report from Neowin that …

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Whatsapp web messenger launches

Whatsapp web app

Today Whatsapp made a new web app available for its popular messaging client that will allow you to talk to your contacts from your desktop browser. While this currently only works in Google Chrome, support for other browsers is planned and should be available soon. Once your phone is linked to …

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Samsung to stop selling notebooks in Europe

Even though Samsung Electronics is the world’s largest maker of smartphones and is among the leading suppliers of media tablets, sales of the company’s personal computers are not really high. Apparently, due to low demand for its notebooks in Europe the company plans to discontinue PC business in the region …

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Google’s Q4 earnings indicate strong Nexus 5 sales

While Google’s fourth quarter earnings fell just short of analyst expectations on Thursday, the firm did manage to post strong Nexus 5, Chromecast and Google Play sales. Wall Street expected Google to generate $16.75 billion in revenue,  and while it did manage to surpass that, generating $16.86 billion, share prices …

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Google and Lego team up to create new Chrome app

Google and Lego have partnered up to release a chrome app that allows users to play with virtual Lego bricks. ‘Build with Chrome’ was first unveiled in 2012 as an experiment but now two years later, it is open to everyone and anyone who wants to get a little nostalgic. …

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Google blocks Chrome torrent search extensions

Google has been one of those companies that for a long time seemed to have been fighting the good fight and not cow-towing too much to media lobbyists and pressure from copyright holders to make accessing sites that feature pirated (and legitimate) content harder, however that seems to be changing …

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