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China bans Battlefield 4

Some bad news came down the pipeline over the weekend as Battlefield 4 has been officially banned in China and as you might know, a Chinese ban is pretty strict. Not only can the game not be sold but the Chinese Ministry of Culture has issued a notice prohibiting the …

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It’s official- EA is being sued

Last week we reported that legal firm Holzer Holzer and Fistel, was investigating EA’s public statements about Battlefield 4’s progress. This probably would have led to a lawsuit eventually but for now, another firm has beat it to the punch as Robins Geller Rudman & Dowd LLP, has launched a class action …

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EA in BF4 legal investigation

EA is in a tricky situation right now, it’s already annoyed its customers with the rushed and buggy release of Battlefield 4 but now it seems that law firm Holzer Holzer and Fistel, believes that  EA may have lied about the game’s progress to keep investors happy. proposal argument essay …

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EA might be hated, but not by its diverse staff

The gaming industry often gets a lot of flak for not being a gender neutral workplace and alongside that negative comparison, EA games has been similarly voted the worst company of the year several years in a row based on online voting, so it’s somewhat of a surprise to hear …

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Command and Conquer down but not out

EA may have shuttered its purpose built CnC studio, Victory Games (RIP), but that doesn’t mean the game it spent three years working on is done for. According to a support document unearthed by the boys over at IGN, Command and Conquer (Generals 2) may still see the light of …

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Battlefield 4 will include in game Battlelog

DICE has released details of its new and improved Battlelog system. Battlefield 3 had you exiting the game and returning to a webpage every time you wanted to change multiplayer servers or play some campaign on your own for a while; it was a confusing and unnecessary experiment. However, now Battlelog …

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No online DRM for Sims 4

Yesterday at Gamescom, EA Games and Maxis debuted a trailer for their highly expected Sims 4 game, set for release later this year. However, it wasn’t all nude shower patches and make-believe-languages, some people were worried that we’d see the same sort of forced-online DRM that we had with Sim …

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EA’s Origin has over 50 million users

Despite a seemingly general feeling of distaste for EA’s Origin service in the gaming community, with the fact that it’s not just part of Steam and requires its own login, the security issues and of course the connectivity problems seen in titles like Sim City, EA has just announced in …

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EA just got the Star Wars video game license

Disney, the new owners of the Star Wars franchise, has already farmed out the license for video game development to a new company and guess who it is? Everyone’s favourite always-on publisher, Electronic Arts! Hurray… right? This license is pretty all encompassing too, giving EA the right to develop games across …

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Bioware’s Greg Zeschuk defends EA

While EA Games might once again have been voted the worst company in America – if it had stood strong against Zynga, perhaps the latter would have taken that honour – not everyone agrees. Bioware co-founder Greg Zeschuk said in an interview that EA gives a surprising amount of freedom, “enough rope …

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Battlefield 4 release date leaked

Battlefield 4

Microsoft may have leaked the date that Battlefield 4 is set to launch, after it revealed it on the official Xbox blog, before immediately removing it. Fortunately, some intrepid users were able to snatch a screenshot, so we can confirm that the rumoured date is 29th October, 2013. Whether this …

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Modder makes SimCity playable offline


SimCity has been causing problems for gamers since release. Whether it’s the always-on DRM, the restrictive city sizes, the god awful AI, or the fact that for days players weren’t even able to connect to the main servers. Some of these issues have been fixed, but you can still only …

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EA could buy up THQ

Stick of Truth

While it isn’t the only mega corporation vying for the rights to some of THQ’s hottest properties, EA Games is in the running for some of the beleaguered publisher’s games and franchises, when the auction takes place in the next couple of weeks. Cash dry THQ was hoping to secure …

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