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Y2k for the Linux world is the year 2038


All computer systems rely heavily on clocks to perform almost any function and this is a problem when your computer OS, does not know how to count past a certain number. The year 2038 will be for Linux, much like the old  Y2k “Millennium Bug” back in 2000, where-by computers …

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Another week, another Flash vulnerability


You really should disable or uninstall Adobe Flash at this point. If you haven’t yet done so however here is another reason, following on from last week’s 0-day exploit; there is another critical vulnerability that is being actively exploited in the wild, the only difference this time is that there is …

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Valve won’t be appearing at CES next year

Earlier this year, Valve showed up at CES with a bunch of Steam Machines to talk a little more about its plans and show off the controller. The controller and OS have since been delayed but it doesn’t look like we will be hearing anything new in January as Valve …

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Netflix finally works on Linux

Netflix streaming is finally working natively on Linux, without the need to trick the website in to thinking that you’re actually running a different OS. Streaming via Google’s Chrome browser is currently working on a few distros including Ubuntu, Fedora and the Ubuntu-based Mint. More distros are expected to be …

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Apple to issue fix for the Bash Bug

Ever since the Bash bug became public knowledge, companies have been scrambling to patch it up, plenty of Linux distros already have fixes and now Apple has promised to get a fix out for OS X soon. However, the company also states that Macs are “safe by default” from the …

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New OS X and Linux bug could be worse than Heartbleed

A new exploit has been discovered for Unix-based systems that some experts are claiming could be more harmful than the SSL bug, Heartbleed, which was discovered earlier this year. This new exploit is called ‘the bash bug’ and allows users to take control of Bourne Again Shell (Bash), the software used …

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ARM and partners reveal initial server platform standard

Data centers demand standards-based software and hardware offerings to ensure ease of deployment and manageability. ARM Holdings and its partners on Monday released the first standard for servers based on ARMv8-A 64-bit micro-architecture. The guidelines will help server makers to build similar machines. ARM ‘server base system architecture’ (SBSA) platform …

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Lenovo reveals plans to take over IBM’s x86 server business

Lenovo Group and IBM Corp. on Thursday inked an agreement in which Lenovo plans to acquire IBM’s x86 server business for about $2.3 billion. In addition to the division, Lenovo will also get software, networking and maintenance operations. Thanks to the deal, Lenovo will become one of the leading x86 …

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Steam OS now supports AMD and Intel graphics

Valve recently announced its first wave of pre-built Steam Machines all coming from different manufacturers in different configurations but here at KitGuru we know that most of you prefer to build your own system so if you were interested in building your own ITX PC running Steam OS then you’ll …

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Iconsole TV will also use SteamOS

A while back the Iconsole TV was announced, and it attracted attention with its rather powerful developer kits that used Ivy-bridge CPU’s, 8GB RAM and dual 500GB hybrid drives. These specs make up the most powerful Android device out there and now it will come with Steam OS too. According …

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DICE will support Linux

In recent weeks a lot of companies have been announcing support for Linux. So far we’ve had: Valve, AMD, Nvidia and now DICE. In an interview with Polygon the company’s director, Lars Gustavsson, said it would only need a single “killer” game for the platform to become incredibly popular. In the …

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There will be AMD based Steam Machines

Last week Valve revealed the specs for the 300 prototype Steam Machines, based entirely on Intel and Nvidia hardware. Considering all the hype around AMD recently with the launch of the Mantle API and the forthcoming R9 290X graphics card, this move was surprising. It even led to  rumours that …

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