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Norton costs more than 3TB storage solution

The are plenty of ways to measure value in a given market – and each industry has its own quirks – but two offers landed in the KitGuru spam-sack this morning that, side-by-side, gave us pause. Even with the constant improvements to hard drive production cost efficiency, does this pairing …

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Seagate debuts new SSHDs


Seagate has announced a new line of hybrid drives, melding solid state technology with traditional hard drive platters, in a variety of sizes and shapes – making them applicable for both laptops as well as desktop PCs for those that don’t want to take the jump to a single SSD …

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Seagate may make move for Micron

In a TV interview given in 2007, one of Western Digital’s executives laughed at the idea of SSD taking over in the mass market. So convinced was he that future mass storage would involve spinning disks, that he went on record to say so. But last year’s tragic floods and …

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HDD prices drop – rejoice, rejoice

The tragic loss of life during last year’s Thailand floods was only the first in a series of steps that negatively impacted an economically wobbly world. As the price of hard drives increased by close to 300% at times, PC prices increased and specifications fell – something we’d not seen …

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Gadget Show Live 2012 Coverage

Tech enthusiasts from across the country are flocking to Birmingham this week to attend the Gadget Show Live at the NEC.  Doors opened to the public today but KitGuru was there yesterday on the press day to give you a sneak peak of what you can expect to see! The …

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Seagate buy Samsung HDD unit for $1.375 billion

Seagate Technology have announced today that they are entering into a ‘strategic partnership’ with Samsung Electronics, purchasing the hard drive disk section of the business for a very cool $1.375 billion in cash and shares. This deal is another major consolidation after Western Digital recently announced that they were buying …

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Seagate ship super slim GoFlex external hard drive

SeaGate have launched a new external hard drive which is targeting an audience who hate lugging around a bulky external hard drive. The GoFlex Slim performance drive offers 320GB of storage in a form factor which is roughly as thick as a pencil. The GoFlex weighs only 160g and measures …

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Seagate to ship Windows XP friendly 3TB hard drive

Last year Seagate released the first 3TB hard drive in the shape of the Barracuda XT which was only available in external storage devices. Today Seagate have announced the standalone version of the same drive which can be bought for desktop systems, with a nice twist. The new drive has …

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Seagate to launch 3TB hard drive

Later this year Seagate are aiming to launch their eye popping 3TB drive. Industry insiders say Seagate have had this 3TB drive in development for quite some time and there are unconfirmed rumours that the drive will be ‘variable speed’ that can spin between 5,900 and 7,200 rpm – this …

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