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Passive components may be hit by shortages too

Over the past year, the world have been faced with a massive chip shortage. Soon, we may see passive components also in short supply due to factory shutdowns in Malaysia and Indonesia, impacting the production of capacitors, resistors, inductors and more. According to DigiTimes, Chemi-Con, Nichicon, and Rubycon are responsible for …

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Microsoft warns the UK of possible Xbox One X shortage

It seems that the Nintendo Switch isn’t the only console that will potentially struggle with stock this holiday season, with Microsoft warning that its Xbox One X is unlikely to meet the overwhelming seasonal demand. The report comes courtesy of Gamesindustry.biz, in which Xbox UK boss Harvey Eagle spoke about …

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Oculus Rift sales suspended due to component shortage

More than 50,000 Oculus Rift development kits have been sold but the company is currently unable to create more thanks to a shortage in the components that the Rift uses, an Oculus VR Community Manager has confirmed on the company's Sub Reddit. Community Manager, Andres Hernandez, wrote: “Certain components used in …

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AMD channel panic as foundry runs dry

Successful product launches rely on a hundred things going right, and just a single, well placed, problem can seriously impact the well laid plans of VPs and men. Phenom II X6 has just hit such a bump in the road(map) and there’s no sign of a quick solution. Word has …

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