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WoW server blade auctions raise over £200,000

Blizzard Sale

The auctions for the original World of Warcraft server blades have now been completed, with Blizzard raking in an impressive $300,000 (£212,000) from the sale. Beginning in October last year, Blizzard has been trickling the blade’s onto auction site eBay, with all proceeds going to the St. Jude Children’s Research …

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KitGuru Gaming – Weekly Round Up

For those tech readers who don’t always get time to check out our game related content at Kitguru gaming – here is a round up of content published in the last week. “Trials and Tribulations of Independent Game Developers – Indie Game: The Movie” What do we really know about …

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Millions die of apathy – Wow!

Every population ultimately suffers from the same problem. There comes a time when the death rate surpasses the birthrate and an ageing population begins to die off. Right now, that’s happening in one specific realm. KitGuru dons robes of condolence +5 and heads into the ether. Announced in September 2001 …

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Razer Naga MoM Mouse Ready to Launch

Razer Naga KitGuru Exclusive

Ever wondered what happens when you combine a mobile phone with a gaming mouse?  That’s a question that seems to have puzzled scientists at Razer’s technology and design centre, floating above planet Earth in a geo-stationary orbit above Tesco, Southend-on-sea (or so we’re led to believe). KitGuru spies report back …

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Activision rake in $381 million profit – Q1

Top brass at Activision are going to be cracking out the champagne as their Q1 profit reports are higher than expected. Their profit was a staggering $381 million USD which is even more impressive when you consider that the current economic climate has other high profile companies actually reporting losses. …

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