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Solar Plane lands after first 24 hour flight

I was reading the UK Times newspaper (as I do every morning) and I found this story particularly exciting. An experimental solar powered plane landed on Thursday after completing its first 24 hour test flight. The solar powered plane can stay in the air indefinitely, as it can recharge its …

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Can illegal downloads ever be stopped?

Its a burning question many authorities have tried to answer for years now and there appears to be no solution for the billions lost on movie, game and application sales. KitGuru has reported many times in the past on bitorrent and newsgroups sites, including the temporary close of Pirates Bay …

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Sony showcase Playstation 3 slim in white

We love the Playstation 3, mainly because it still has one of the finest BluRay players known to man. According to ZDNET Sony fans are in a for a treat as Sony Japan have just released information on the new ‘classic white’ version which will be released on July 29th. …

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Microsoft Kinect priced at $149 @ Gamestop

We reported a few days ago on the upcoming release of the Microsoft Kinect (previously known as Project Natal) and Microsoft have been remaining firm lipped about the pricing of the device. Gamespot however have listed it at $149.99 on their store and they have also listed the Arcade and …

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Michael Dell eating Apple humble pie

It seems impossible to avoid the Apple success story lately and news has just filtered in that Apple are in fact now worth eight times as much as computer giant Dell. In NASDAQ trading today, Apple gained $1.95 to $239.74 to hit a market value of $218.12 billion or more …

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New concerns emerge over Google privacy

Data Protection officials from France, Spain and the Czech Republic have announced plans to analyse Google’s collection of data from wireless networks in their respective countries. This could well be the first step in regards to sanctions from European countries. Earlier this week Google made the statement that they had …

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YouTube: 2 billion downloads daily

YouTube made a public announcement stating that they get over two billion hits each day which works out at over twice as many people who watch all three of the biggest US TV networks combined. “I see this great growth opportunity in the online video market and we are positioning …

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Wii sales not so wii – 70 million worldwide

Nintendo’s latest financial records are very positive indeed with figures showing that the Wii console has just passed the 70 million mark sales figure. There were 20.53 million sales in the fiscal year which ended March 31st, 2010. 70.93 million means that Nintendo have around 49 percent of the home …

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When technology goes wrong – Volvo test car crashes

Technology is making an impact everywhere (no pun intended) with the latest advanced electronics taking over many of the vehicles we drive today. Volvo have been at the forefront of this technology and have always been a proud purveyor of producing the safest possible cars on the market. That all …

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