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Oculus Rift nets another $16 million in funding

While the Oculus Rift headset might have been initially funded by Kickstarter, this doesn’t mean that it’s funding is done with. The virtual reality peripheral has now garnered a further $16 million from investment firms, bringing aboard new executives to the Oculus Rift board of directors. The $16 (£10) million …

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New 1080p HD version of Oculus Rift shown at E3

Like Avatar and 3D technology, the Oculus Rift has got us all excited about virtual reality once again. It had its hey day in the early 90s with Lawnmower Man and again to some extent with the release of The Matrix, but like 3D, it’s never really been something that …

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Asus firms up 4K future

As you all know, KitGuru has been tracking the move toward affordable 4K very closely over the past 12 months. With a series of price drops and product launches, the magic moment when you can buy a 4K TV for less than £1,500 is edging closer. Asus wants to deliver …

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Quad TV wars heat up with Sony’s 65-incher

Here at KitGuru, we have been predicting for quite some time that this Christmas will see the start of a blood bath on Quad HD TV pricing – but for the massacre to begin, it needs competition. Sony looks to be throwing its hat into the ring with the XBR-65X900A. …

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New Google Glass video showcases capabilities

Google has released a new video showcasing the capabilities of its Glass headset/eyewear. In it we see voice recognition, translation information, video recording, web search abilities and a slew of vocal commands that allow for impressive hands free interaction. A lot of the video revolves around people saying, “Ok Glass…” followed by …

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LG invest $665 million into OLED production

LG, a South Korean manufacturer of electronics are preparing to invest $665 million into the production of OLED technology. They hope that the investment will be able to help them claw back market share from Samsung who are their main rival. LG have managed to release the first 55 inch …

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Project Holodeck: Ok, I want this

Project Holodeck

Lawnmower Man, Tron, The Matrix, anyone that’s grown up watching these sorts of movies that feature a virtual world and has gone back to their PC, a little more disappointed in its lack of immersion than they were before, has been looking for something like Project Holodeck their entire lives. …

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Sony announce world’s first OLED 4k 56 inch TV

Sony can now dismiss previous reports that they were abandoning the OLED TV market with the announcement of their new 56 inch OLED High Definition television set. The new prototype has been announced as the “world’s first and largest 56-inch 4K OLED TV.” OLED technology will be a fantastic next …

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Panel makers fined for TFT price fixing – again!

How many times can a company get fined millions of dollars for acting illegally – yet still carry on with the same kind of practices? When it comes to LCD panels, there doesn’t seem to be a limit. KitGuru gets word that the Chinese government themselves are now fining the …

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Sharp 60″ 4k TV coming in February


HDTVs have been around long enough to become a staple in the living room of a contemporary family, so with people far less interested in 3D technology than manufacturers no doubt hoped, 4K resolution sets are beginning to appear. You’ll still be paying through the nose for them, but as …

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4K TVs at £22k land on UK shelves

Often referred to as Quad HD, the next generation of TVs is chomping at the bit to arrive in our stores and living rooms. While Apple is content with packing more and more pixels into a smaller and smaller area, the TV companies seem more keen on delivering a regular-HD …

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Philips 273E3QH 27″ Full HD E-line AMVA LED Monitor Review

Continuing our voyage through the range of Philips' newly-released monitors, it's the 27" 273E3QH's turn to be scrutinized at our KitGuru labs. Can its AMVA panel and ultra-high contrast ratio guide it to the worthy heights of a successful evaluation? With 27 inches of screen real estate and a promising specifications sheet, is the 273E3QH able to deliver the performance that is required to survive in this sink-or-swim market? Does the 'E' in E-line stand for Excellence or Exaggerated? Read on to find out.

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Sony unveils its own 82in 4k LCD TV

Sony Bravia

Playing catchup to LG, Sony has unveiled its own 4k LCD TV with a whopping 82 inch diagonal screen length – two inches shorter than the rival LG offering. However, while the new Bravia might come up a couple of inches short in one dimension, it maintains the same huge …

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LG debuts 84in Ultra HD 4k TV


LG has today shown off its new Ultra Definition Television (UDTV) set for the first time. Featuring a display resolution of 3840 × 2160 and an 84in span from diagonal corner to corner, making this the company’s biggest TV set to date. UDTV is one of the new high resolution …

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ASUS VG23AH Monitor Review

Today we are looking at one of the latest monitors from Asus, the VG23AH. This IPS LED backlit 3D capable 23 inch screen runs at a native 1080p resolution (1920×1080). Thanks to ASUS ‘All-in 3D Technology’ the panel can convert traditional 2D content to 3D. Available at around £260 inc …

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Google TV to get OnLive Access

Google TV OnLive

Google is set to team up with Marvell and OnLive, to deliver a cloud gaming experience from within its TV sets. To handle the remote gameplay, Google will be relying on Marvell’s ARMADA 1500 chipset. According to the trio of firms, ARMADA is “the ideal processor to power tomorrow’s ‘smart’ …

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Asus PA248Q ProArt Monitor Review

Today we are looking at the latest high end 24 inch monitor from Asus, the PA248Q. This monitor features a pre-calibrated LED backlit IPS panel with 1920×1200 resolution. The PA248Q ProArt display is said to guarantee industry leading colour accuracy and is shipped with a minimal colour differential at ∆E …

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4k screens are £1,000 an inch, but not for long

We work with some of the world’s leading technology companies, especially when it comes to graphics cards. During a recent video shoot with one of the biggest, we were discussing that wonderful thing called ‘the future’ and the discussion moved to image quality, preparedness and the cost of glass. The …

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