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Apple begins to chip away at €13 billion payment in Irish tax

Back in 2016, the European Commission ruled that Apple owed €13 billion in back-taxes, which the governing body branded as ‘illegal state aid’. While Ireland and Apple are still disputing the ruling, the iPhone manufacturer has now paid out €1.5 billion ($1.76bn) towards the overall sum. The money is currently …

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Piracy doesn’t hurt sales, says withheld EU study

Just two weeks on from relatively extreme plans proposed for the EU’s new anti-piracy measures, an old study ordered by the European Commission has been revealed stating that there are no explicit links between piracy and sales. Findings from this study were revealed last year, however, albeit paraphrased to suit …

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Google faces $9bn fine in antitrust case with EU

Over the last several years, Google has been battling it out with the European Commission in court over various antitrust allegations. One of the first antitrust cases to be levied at Google surrounded the company’s ‘Shopping’ search engine, with the EU claiming Google skews results and causes harm to competitors. …

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ASUS, Valve, Capcom and others under investigation in EU for price fixing

ASUS has been named as one of three hardware companies currently under investigation by the European Commission for potential anti-competitive practices. It is looking into whether ASUS, Denon and Marantz and Philips and Pioneer, restricted the pricing options of online retailers, forcing the cost of consumer electronics and other items, to …

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Could EU court ruling save us from Snooper’s Charter?


The indiscriminate retention of emails and electronic communications has been ruled illegal by the European Court of Justice (ECJ), its highest court. This could potentially put the Investigatory Powers Act (IPA), often called the Snooper’s Charter, in jeopardy. This is the second time the British government has lost in EU …

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EU scraps 90-day limit on free data roaming


The European Commission is currently in the process of eliminating roaming charges for mobile customers travelling within the EU, which is great news. However, the Commission is also toying around with some safeguard ideas to ensure the new system isn’t abused. Earlier this month, a draft proposal called for a …

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Google’s Android antitrust deadline extended

Back in April, the European Commission officially filed its anti-trust complaint against Google in regards to Android and its pre-installed apps and services. At the time, Google was given until the 27th of July to refute the complaint but ended up nabbing an extention, bringing the deadline to the 7th …

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EU Commission continues push for single digital market

The European Commission is keen to continue improving the ability for online shoppers to buy from wherever they want without facing additional hurdles. Its latest proposals would see retailers banned from treating customers differently and would have to sell to foreign buyers, thought they wouldn’t be required to handle international …

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