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Black Mesa’s Xen chapter gets one last delay

Crowbar Collective has been working away on its Half-Life 1 remake, Black Mesa, for quite some time. However, the game has been missing its finishing touch for years- the Xen chapters. Originally, the Black Mesa developers wanted to get Xen out this Summer but unfortunately, there has been one last …

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Germany finally takes Half-Life off the naughty list

Almost two decades. That’s how long it took for German authorities to finally take Half-Life, the original and all its offspring, off its list of censored media content. Germany, a country known for its openness, political correctness and proactive federal authorities has always taken a very aggressive approach towards media …

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Valve turned 20 yesterday: happy birthday!


In a world where game developers and publishers come and go, folding, founding, merging and being bought out by larger entities, Valve has been a real constant for the past two decades. It’s given us a lot of big games and big milestones in gaming, so today we celebrate its …

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Apparently you can run Half-Life on a smartwatch

Smartwatches are actually pretty capable little devices, in the past we have seen them run full apps, Microsoft’s Windows XP and now, apparently smartwatches can also run Half-Life thanks to a new app called SDLash, which emulates the GoldSource engine on a smartwatch. Given that the entire Source engine is …

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HTC apologizes for teasing Half-Life 3

HTC has apologized after teasing a new Half-Life game for the company’s upcoming virtual reality headset, ‘The Vive’, which was developed in collaboration with Valve. The drama all kicked off yesterday when HTC Chairwoman, Cher Wang, suggested that a new Half-Life game was on the way in an interview with …

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Half-Life speed run world record set

Speed running team, ‘Quadrazoid’ has set a new world record by beating Half-Life in just 20 minutes and 41 seconds, comfortably beating the previous record of 29 minutes and 41 seconds by about a the third of the time. This wasn’t just a stroke of luck though, the speed run …

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Awesome Half Life short: Enter the Freeman

Fans of the Half Life Universe are in for a treat, as a new short film was launched yesterday on Youtube, showing some of the early stages of Black Mesa’s fallout. Scientist and all-round crowbar swinging badass, Gordon Freeman makes an appearance near the start, taking on the role of …

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