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Macbook Air to sell 250,000 units a month

Apple are selling billions of dollars of product every month and the latest sales figures show that around 1 million Macbooks will be sold in Q4 of 2010. What is more interesting to us however is that estimates show 250,000 of this 1,000,000 could very well be sales of the …

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MacBook Air Solid State drives released by Toshiba

For those of you who have been following the news lately you will have seen that Apple’s new MacBook Air uses a new SSD system. Toshiba have released a new series of drives for the laptops. The new Blade X Gale SSD series is now available for market sales and …

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Macbook Air ‘flickering’ screen problems – quality issues?

Apple recently released the sexy new Macbook Air machines, however it appears that they may be dealing with some potential screen issues. The redesigned Macbook Air was introduced two weeks ago and has already been the subject of numerous complaints on Apple’s support forum. The screen ‘flickers’ for some users …

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Can MacBook Pro justify £1,900?

On Wednesday morning, Apple unveiled its brand new, 17″ MacBook Pro with a pricetag of £1,900. KitGuru was on hand to see if its worth taking that much damage to your wallet/mortgage/marriage. So what does your money buy ?  To be honest, on paper, not much. Intel’s Core2 Duo processor …

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