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Snap will be shutting down Snapcash next month

At the height of Snapchat’s popularity, Snap saw fit to introduce a peer-to-peer payment service that would allow users to send money to their friends and family quickly and easily. It never really took off, and now Snap is shuttering Snapcash for good at the end of next month. It …

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Snapchat IPO could see company valued at $25 billion

Snapchat has released details of its plans for its initial public offering (IPO), which if successful as analysts claim, could see it valued at more than $25 billion. This would cement it as one of the world's leading technology firms and provide its founder, Evan Spiegel, with enough funds to …

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Snapchat to move headquarters to London


In a surprising move for an encrypted chat service considering the UK's stance on surveillance, Snapchat has announced its intention to open a new international headquarters to London. This is also practically unheard of in the tech space, with most companies preferring tax-routing countries like Ireland to host their services in …

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Snapchat’s rumoured IPO could value it at $25 billion


Snapchat, the company that turned down three billion dollars in Facebook money just three years ago, is now readying itself for a public offering, which could see the company valued at $25 billion (£20.5 billion). If successful, it would be the biggest tech IPO since Twitter went public in 2013. …

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200+ sentenced since new revenge porn laws introduced


During the 2015-2016 year ending in March, a total of 206 people were prosecuted utilising new ‘revenge porn' laws introduced at the start of last year. This comes out of a Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) report, which looks at many aspects of sexual offences against men and women. A big reason for …

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Facebook to take on Snapchat with in-development camera app

Ever since Snapchat turned down Facebook's $3 billion acquisition offer in mid-2013, the social network has been hankering for its own share of the Snapchat pie. Evidently it's now decided that: if you can't join them, beat them, as Facebook is said to be working on a photo sharing app …

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Snapchat daily video views reach six billion

Snapchat is one of the biggest social communication platforms of the past few years and is still growing at an unprecedented rate. As of right now, its users are sending videos that between them all are watched more than six billion times per day. While these numbers haven't been officially …

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Snapchat introduces “3V” advertising with another Spiegel video

Although hugely popular, Snapchat has faced an issue similar to the likes of Twitter throughout its short lifespan. Monetising content that is heavily dependant on user interaction is difficult, without interrupting your usual service. As CEO Evan Spiegel explains it in a new pitch video to the community and advertisers however, …

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Snapchat could be worth as much as $19 billion

Despite last year's “Snappening” showing that thanks to malicious third party applications, Snapchat images are anything but temporary, the service continues to see heavy usage and is now seeking new funding which if successful, would value the company at over $19 billion (£12.3 billion). If Snapchat is able to raise …

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Snapchat promises to reinstate Best Friends after complaints

Snapchat recently killed off its “Best Friends,” feature, which listed the top three people that a user messages, as some users considered it an invasion of privacy. However, due to complaints on social media, the company behind the service has now announced that it will reinstate the feature, as people apparently …

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Snapchat’s CEO isn’t too happy about the Sony email leaks

Snapchat's CEO, Evan Spiegel, has made his feelings about the Sony hack known after emails between him and Sony Pictures CEO, Michael Lynton, leaked, revealing future business plans and secret company acquisitions. The information contained in the leaked emails offered a good look at the startup's future ambitions and plans. …

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Snapchat photo leak blamed on third party apps

Late last week, the world learned that it isn't just celebrities that have been victim of a photo hacking scandal, but the public too. A large number of Snapchat users are said to have been affected, with some 100,000 images dumped online for all to see. Snapchat's statement on the matter …

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Snapchat seeks funding to boost value to $10 billion

It's not uncommon these days for relatively new companies to be valued in the billions. It wasn't that long ago that we threw up our arms in protest at the two year old Oculus VR being bought up by Facebook for $2 billion, but already a company is looking to eclipse …

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