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The Overwatch beta extends to Europe this month

Earlier this month, Blizzard officially announced that it would be launching the Overwatch beta, with a release date set for the 27th of October. At the time of the announcement, the beta was only scheduled to launch over in the US, cutting out the rest of the world. However, tomorrow’s …

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The US is investigating Google for anti-competitive behaviour

Google is going to be fighting anti-trust legal battles on both sides of the Atlantic, as the FTC and US Justice Department have launched an official investigation in to Google’s business practises with Android, similar to the one European Commission conducted over the last year. US regulators have apparently decided …

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Atlas V rocket successfully puts U.S. Navy satellite in orbit

United Launch Alliance, a joint venture of Lockheed Martin Space Systems and Boeing Defense, Space and Security, has successfully launched the fourth U.S. Navy’s Mobile User Objective System (MUOS) satellite into orbit around the Earth. This should greatly improve the tracking and navigation abilities of U.S. and allied military personnel …

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Kim Dotcom: U.S. offered plea deal, I refused

While the United States has been pretty tight lipped about its ongoing attempts to extradite and imprison internet entrepreneur Kim Dotcom, the German native has been very vocal about his side of the equation. In a recent Q&A on Slashdot, the Megaupload founder even suggested that the U.S. had attempted …

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China boosts US investment in R&D

While the world may like to use China as a manufacturing hub for all of its products, it is no longer just the country that labour is outsourced to: it’s now the one doing much of the outsourcing. In a strange turnaround, it’s now investing billions in US based R&D …

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Millions of US government workers’ data stolen

In the battleground for the internet, armies lob digital shells at each other almost as often as the masses sling insults, as it looks like millions of US government worker details may have been stolen by a foreign party. While an investigation is ongoing, China is the earliest named potential …

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Austrians launch class action suit against Facebook

Since the Edward Snowden revelations of 2013, many organisations have been held under the spotlight for their collusion with the NSA and other international intelligence agencies, most notably Google and Microsoft. Facebook was involved too though, which is why a group of over 25,000 Austrians have launched a class action …

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US to bring sanctions against hacker nations

The last year has revealed a lot of stories of nefarious hacking, with a good number of them seemingly sponsored by one nation or another. More often than not too, those actions – like the one against Sony – target US facilities and companies, which is why, despite its own efforts …

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US government seizes Dotcom’s millions again

Kim Dotcom has been legally embattled with US and New Zealand authorities for over three years. During that time he’s launched services and political entities and even found time to rank as one of the best FPS players in the world, but it hasn’t been all smooth sailing. One of …

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FCC declares Title II utility status for the Internet

Net Neutrality has won as the US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has voted in favor of reclassifying the Internet as a Title II public utility, preserving Net Neutrality. More than four million people wrote in to the FCC to try and persuade them to preserve Net Neutrality and even President …

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CITIZENFOUR wins an Oscar and Snowden does an AMA


CITIZENFOUR, the recently premiered documentary by Laura Poitras about the beginning of the Edward Snowden NSA revelations, has won an Oscar for “Best Documentary” at this year’s Academy Awards ceremony. The film shows Snowden’s efforts to expose the gross abuses of the US government’s National Security Agency, along with the help of Laura Poitras …

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Google warns against FBI demands for expanded hacking

Currently, government agencies and local police forces in the US, are only able to obtain permission to hack into the computers and other electronic devices of suspects in their region and only then once they have a warrant. However, now the FBI and other organisations want to expand that power …

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Want to buy 50,000 Bitcoins?

Bitcoins sale

In a rare opportunity, thanks to the United States Marshals Service and Ross Ulbricht of Silk Road fame, you are now able to bid on 50,000 seized Bitcoins. These Bitcoins are currently worth around £7.7 million (or $11.9 million USD) and were seized from Ulbricht when the feds snatched his laptop away from him in a San …

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Obama signs order to protect America’s computer networks


In a move to help protect American online businesses and help them coordinate with US authorities, Obama has signed an executive order that will make federal agencies set up a way of sharing data between technicians in these businesses and federal agents. This information sharing will go both ways, with companies tipping …

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Netflix opens its virtual doors in Cuba


While many of us have no problem paying Netflix its monthly subscription fee, if you were on the average Cuban monthly wage of around $25 per month, you would be pretty shocked to hear that the streaming video service will soon be launching in Cuba from $7.99 per month! Not only does the Cuban …

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The White House isn’t all that drone proof it seems

White House DJI

Last Monday a small civilian drone crashed into the grounds of the White House, causing quite a stir over exactly how secure the White House actually is against drone attacks. It has now been revealed that the drone in question, a DJI Phantom quadrocopter, was actually being flown by an …

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Microsoft and Intel are both super green

Microsoft Green

Microsoft and Intel have placed in the top two spots for the Environmental Protection Agency’s annual Green Power use ranking, both using clean energy sources for 100% of their power needs. This is all the more impressive when you see that combined, they use almost 5,600,000,000 kWh of electricity per year. …

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The Interview to stream on Netflix too

The Interview has been a real success in many ways. Along with marking a stand – after a nudge from Mr Obama – against threats of violence, its digital release has shown that making a film available online for people to stream at home along with its cinema release, actually …

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US hacked North Korea way before Sony attack

Part of the reason the US was so confident in accusing North Korea of being behind last year’s attack against Sony, was because it had been invading the nation’s computers since 2010, in an attempt to map out the rogue-state’s digital defences and capabilities. Not enough was discovered that it …

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FCC to vote on net neutrality on 26th February

FCC Tom Wheeler

Chairman Tom Wheeler of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has confirmed during a CES speech, that the voting on the open Internet order will go ahead on the 26th of February. He also all but confirmed that internet service providers (ISPs) will be reclassified as common carriers under Title II provisions in the Communications Act. This would …

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North Korean internet returns after suspicious downtime

North Korea’s internet went down last night, only returning online in a limited capacity early this morning. While the NK authorities have yet to report on the downing, at least internationally, the story was picked up by US news sources fairly quickly, prompting some to suggest that it may have …

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