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Valve doubling down on office space in big move


Valve’s inner workings always feel a little shady. It works on secretive projects we don’t hear about for years at a time, has a strange, horizontal team structure – it’s hard to figure out how it all works. We do know one thing though, and that’s that it’s run out …

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Valve is opening up to custom VR tracking hardware


It looks like Valve is opening up its room-scale tracking system for all hardware makers to play around with, allowing custom hardware to be built for the HTC Vive headset, which means companies could end up releasing their own custom motion controllers to compete with Valve’s own wand-style design, which comes bundled with …

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Too legit to quit: CS GO betting site seeks gambling license


One of the world’s largest Counter Strike: Global Offensive betting sites, CSGO Lounge, has announced that it is applying for an official gambling license, in order to legitimise itself. This comes after it received a cease and desist letter from Valve, as well as a lot of negative attention from …

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Someone is suing Valve over CSGO skin gambling

One of the core elements to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive’s success is the item skin trading system. People buy keys to crates, sell old skins and buy new ones on the Steam marketplace constantly but there is also a vert successful, though unofficial, gambling scene for CS:GO. Valve is pretty hands-off …

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Valve has sold over 500,000 Steam Controllers

Valve’s journey into producing its own hardware started all the way back in 2013, when it first revealed the Steam Machines and Steam Controller. The controller itself went through many changes in the two years leading up to release but it seems that quite a few were interested enough to …

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170 Team Fortress 2 pro players banned after VAC update

Team Fortress 2 should now be a fairer place to play, whether competitively or just for fun, as Valve’s latest update to its Valve-Anti-Cheat (VAC) defence system has been detecting users of the LMAOBOX software all weekend. It’s led to many players being banned from the game, including almost 170 professional players …

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You can now buy games on Steam using Bitcoin

While the fanfare surrounding digital currencies like Bitcoin seems to have settled down a bit over the last year, plenty of people still have some left over to use and now, you can use your Bitcoins on Steam. We first heard that Valve may roll out Bitcoin payments on the Steam …

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A Steam Controller hardware revision could be in the works

Valve first announced the Steam Controller way back at the end of 2013 and after plenty of revisions, tweaks and even feature changes, we finally saw it launch last year. However, it looks like Valve isn’t quite finished refining its gamepad yet as reports are suggesting that another hardware revision …

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First HTC Vives arrive in the hands of consumers

Amidst the news that Oculus has run into some difficulties with its shipping, the first HTC Vive virtual reality headsets have started arriving on the doorsteps of consumers all over the world. From Tokyo, to California, to New Zealand, Vives have been showing up over the last 12 hours, with …

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Valve introduces ‘custom game pass’ for Dota 2

While Valve’s brief paid mods stint with Skyrim didn’t last long, Valve hasn’t given up on coming up with ways to support custom content creators. Today, Valve announced the ‘Custom Game Pass’ for Dota 2, which will allow those who enjoy custom game modes to support the creators directly. Custom Game …

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