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Facebook/Oculus deny Zenimax copyright claims


In the ongoing legal battle between Facebook owned Oculus VR and id Software parent company, Zenimax, the VR firm has denied all allegations that it breached Zenimax copyright and non-disclosure agreements in creating the Rift headset. It has also called Zenimax's tactics misleading, unjust and lacking in good faith. Oculus …

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The Zenimax VS Oculus lawsuit is still going ahead

Last year it was revealed that Zenimax would be launching a lawsuit at Oculus VR, which had recently been acquired by Facebook at the time. The lawsuit seemed to be based around the accusation that Oculus stole trade secrets from Zenimax. As you would imagine, Oculus immediately appealed to have …

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Zenimax wants Fortress Fallout dev to change name

Zenimax, parent company of Bethesda, has gone ahead and sent a cease and desist letter to the developer of mobile game, Fortress Fallout, demanding that the game stop using the word ‘Fallout' in its name. Xreal, the studio behind the small mobile game will no longer be able to use …

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Doom needs to prove itself all over again

Doom might be an incredibly famous IP but Bethesda is aware that gamers will need to be convinced that the series can still remain as relevant today as it was a decade ago.  New details of Doom's resurrection are expected to surface later this month but since the last game …

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ZeniMax wants to sue Oculus

Oculus and Facebook may be facing a legal challenge as John Carmack's former employer, Zenimax, claims that the famed programmer stole the company's intellectual property when he left to work for Oculus. Zenimax's claim is on a prototype that Carmack built long before the Oculus Kickstarter campaign, it was a …

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John Carmack explains why he left id Software

When id Software founder and Doom programmer, John Carmack, originally left his former studio late last year to work on the Oculus Rift, the studio's parent company, Zenimax, merely said that Carmack was interested in “focusing on things other than game development at id.”, but it turns out that there's a …

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The Elder Scrolls Online gets a release date

The long awaited MMORPG, The Elder Scrolls Online, has now received official release dates for all platforms along with a new trailer. The trailer is titled ‘War in Cyrodiil' and shows off the alliance war in action as Tamriel's three alliances rally their forces: buy college essay [yframe url='http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MQFxE4AESn4′] It's …

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