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Fallout 4: New Vegas mod gets beautiful new screenshots

Earlier this year, Reddit user ‘Sir_Bumfrey_Diggles’ announced that Fallout New Vegas was being built within Fallout 4. The aptly named Fallout 4: New Vegas mod seems to be coming along nicely, with an update showing that it’s taking full advantage of the weather system. Unfortunately, still no snow in time …

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THQ Nordic unleashes Fury as War is set to return in Darksiders 3

THQ Nordic revealed its upcoming continuation of the Darksiders series earlier this year, debuting the third horseman (horseperson?), Fury. Armed with a whip, the latest trailer for Darksiders 3 shows off Fury’s skills and utility with a surprise interaction with original protagonist, War. The new gameplay trailer depicts a much …

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CSGO Lotto was never actually a gambling site


Back in September, the FTC settled its quarrel with CSGO Lotto runners Tom “Syndicate” Cassel and Trevor “TmarTn” Martin, in a ruling that seemed weak to the KitGuru team. This is because neither of them were apparently running a gambling site at all and no laws were broken. Considering CSGO …

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