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Seagate to bring 16TB HDDs to market by 2018

This week, Seagate has revealed more about its plans for future hard drives, with plans to release 16TB HDDs by 2018 with some 12TB and 14TB models coming this year to keep things ticking over. Right now, Seagate offers 10TB drives but the company wants to fill up its drives …

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Drobo 5C USB Type-C DAS Review


Drobo’s 5C is the world’s first self-managing USB-C storage device and is a replacement for the Drobo 4-Bay which is getting very long in the tooth. The 5C is a 5-bay DAS (Direct Attached Storage) unit that, as with all Drobo systems, uses the company’s BeyondRAID storage technology.  The Drobo …

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Drobo launches 5D Turbo DAS with Thunderbolt 2 and USB 3.0

Drobo is a company known for supplying storage devices with a leading combination of sophisticated data protection and management features, affordable capacity, and ease-of-use. This week, they announced their latest DAS, the 5D Turbo, featuring Thunderbolt 2 and USB 3.0 to bring faster speeds to power users. The 5D Turbo …

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Seagate is releasing an 8TB NAS drive

Seagate has announced that it will be launching its largest ever capacity NAS hard drive, offering up 8TB of space. Being a NAS drive, it is primarily aimed for those wanting to set up a personal cloud or for mass multimedia storage. The drive comes rated for an 180TB/year workload …

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Seagate Xbox One 2TB Game Drive Review

We are all primarily PC gamers here at KitGuru, but that doesn’t mean we shy away from consoles. Today, we are taking a look at Seagate’s new 2TB ‘Game Drive’, made in partnership with Microsoft exclusively for the Xbox One and Xbox 360. While you can freely switch out the …

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HGST launches new 10TB helium drive

HGST has launched its first 10TB helium filled hard drive for general purpose use. The Ultrastar HE10 is more power efficient than an air-filled drive, using 56-watts less per terabyte. This is the company’s third-generation helium drive, offering two additional terabytes of storage, and is aimed at enterprise or data …

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