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Red Dwarf X teaser trailer appears online

Red Dwarf X

The first teaser trailer for Red Dwarf series X has appeared online, prompting the usual avalanche of comments, criticisms and feedback from fans. Commissioned by Dave, not the BBC, in the same fashion as the three part “Back to Earth” episodes were, the new series will be the tenth, skipping …

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THQ appoints ex EA boss

THQ Logo

THQ has announced a new vice president of production, Rob Moravek, who previously headed up EA Canada. Working directly with current THQ president, Jason Rubin, the pair are set to try and turn around the poor fortunes of the publisher, that has over the last 12 months met with many …

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Amazon opening London based R&D centre

Amazon UK

Amazon’s business expansion is looking to go multi-national, especially in the UK. Announced today, the retail giant plans to open a new R&D centre in London, with an emphasis on development of services relating to TVs, consoles, smartphones and PCs. As well as fostering other businesses in the Glasshouse Yard …

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New app lets you transfer data by ‘singing’

In the second bird related story of the day, a brand new app has been launched which lets smartphone users send data to each other via a ‘digital birdsong’.  At present it’s only available to iOS users but an Android version should be available sometime in the future. The app …

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Can you spot a psycho in a tweet?

Patrick Bateman

A team of researchers at the Florida Atlantic University, working with the Online Privacy Foundation and Kaggle, have been trying to discover if psychopathy can be detected through a person’s tweets. So far, it seems like if the context is right, it’s possible. The study used previous research from Cornell …

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Google buys Sparrow, different kind of tweeting noise

While some birds spend ages singing complex tunes, sparrow tend to tweet. The animal can take in a whole load of sensory inputs and reply back with a simple, direct message. Google is looking to take on this attribute with the purchase of Sparrow. KitGuru buys a pack of budgie …

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Going to the Olympics? don’t take your phone

Security experts at Venafi, the leader in enterprise key and certificate management (EKCM) solutions, warn that an estimated 67,000 mobile phones are likely to be lost or stolen during the Olympics in London. Numbers of smartphones and other portable networked devices have exploded over the past few years. As a …

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HTC users denied Ice Cream Sandwich in summer

HTC Desire HD users are getting used to feeling like the iPad’s poor cousins, especially now it seems that they won’t get access to Android’s Ice Cream Sandwich. KitGuru licks around the edge of the story to prevent dribbles. While there are, no doubt, benefits to Microsoft’s ‘pay big or …

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Microsoft moves aggressively against big boobies

Back in June, an act hired to entertain a Microsoft ensemble, decided to engage in some four-letter jokes, which caused the software giant some embarrassment. Now it’s emerged that an ‘in joke’ from its HyperV Virtualisation team has caused an issue. KitGuru examines this boob for size and impact. Someone …

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Amazon signs Warner Bros. Kindle deal

Amazon Prime

Amazon has slipped under the sheets with Warner Bros. Domestic Television Distribution, in a bid to bring TV programmes like The West Wing and Fringe, to the Amazon Prime Instant Video library. Now with this deal locked down, Prime Instant Video users and owners of the Kindle Fire tablet, will …

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Kim Dotcom calls out Obama through song

Megaupload founder and current defendant facing money laundering and copyright infringement charges, Kim Dotcom, has released a music video entitled “Mr President,” that challenges Barack Obama to weigh in on the cloud storage firm’s case. Arrested in the early days of 2012 shortly after Megaupload was taken down, Mr Dotcom’s …

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Microsoft report £314 million loss

Microsoft have officially reported their first quarterly loss in its history. As we reported a short while ago, they were forced to write off some of the value of their online advertising business. They had to write down the value of Aquantive by $6.2 billion, which failed to bring the …

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Youtube restore ‘copyright breaking’ Obama music videos

Four Youtube videos were removed earlier this week, apparently due to copyright claims for the music involved. They featured US president Obama singing the opening line of Al Green’s ‘Lets Stay Together’. One of the videos was used by the Mitt Romney Campaign to show the president as ‘too friendly …

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Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer to get $60 million+

Yahoo have said in a regulatory filing that the new CEO Marissa Mayer could be earning close to $60 million to turn the company around. The giant salary includes stock options, equity grants, a payment for the Google shares she left behind and a one time $30 million ‘retention award’. …

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Honda recall 321,000 vehicles

Honda are recalling around 321,000 cars and small SUV’s around the globe because the doors may not close properly. The recall affects 314,000 CR-V small SUVs from the 2012 range and 7,300 Acura ILX small luxury cars from the 2013 range. The problems are related to the doors. Honda claim …

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Third biggest spam botnet shut down

Rolex Spam

The world’s third largest bot net, known as Grum and  thought to be responsible for around 18 per cent of the world’s email spam, has been shut down. While the confirmation of the downing was made by security firm Fireeye, several other groups were also involved, including: anti spam network …

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GTX660 launch date confirmed – 16th August

Each generation of graphic card contains a champion, one card that not only outsells most of the market – but does so at a sensible price point and healthy margin. For nVidia, in 2012, that card is the GTX660. KitGuru finds launch plans on a train to Timbuktu and informs …

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Windows 8 to launch on October 26th

Microsoft are launching Windows 8 on October 26th this year. Steve Sinofsky, the Windows OS chief unveiled the date at the Microsoft annual sales meeting. To add weight, Microsoft updated a blog post with the information. Having tried the operating system I do remain completely unimpressed, particularly with the Metro …

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Aria slashes 480GB SSD to £269

With the price for 60GB and 120GB moving right next to each other at -/+ £50, enthusiasts have been running their hands waiting for the larger drives to also drop in price. With Aria’s precision cuts, it seems that you need wait no longer. KitGuru gets into a right solid …

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