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Vivendi calls banks to broker Activision Blizzard sale

Activision Blizzard

Vivendi SA, the company with a 61 per cent stake in Activision Blizzard, has purportedly called in the assistance of both Barclays and Goldman Sachs to help facilitate and broker the sale of the publishing house, though to whom, is currently unknown. One of the rumours circulating around sites like …

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YouTube introduces auto face blurring

YouTube Blur

YouTube has announced new privacy pro feature that allows video uploaders to blur the faces of everyone in a video with just a simple click. According to the blog post detailing the feature, the idea is to allow anonymity for those that need or deserve it. Examples given include children …

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Google targeted in copyright infringement case

Google Torrent

While many companies have been centered in the sights of copyright lobbyists over the past few years, one of the biggest that performs the same sort of search functions as many a torrent site, Google, seemed to skate by with ease – presumably because in most instances its staggering financial …

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Foxconn to build $1 billion Indonesian facility

Foxconn Facility

Electronics manufacturer Foxconn, is set to open a new fabrication plant in Indonesia, that will purportedly cost around a billion dollars to build. However once created, it’s said that it will open up a million jobs for the local inhabitants. This would be a welcome investment in the region, where …

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O2 offers refund to customers following service outage

As a lot of our readers will already be aware, some of O2’s customers suffered service outages last week due to an apparent ‘network failure’.  This was a massive source of frustration for many people who’s phones were unable to register on the network, despite their phones showing signal. O2 has announced …

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Import ban on Motorola Android devices takes effect

The ruling by the International Trade Commission two months ago against a number of products in Motorola’s Android range takes effect today, blocking them from being imported into the United States.  In total, eighteen of their products are effected by the ban including the Motorola Atrix, Defy, Droid X2, and Xoom. Motorola …

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Hate Facebook Timeline? Vote with your wallet

Here at KitGuru, we run regular polls to know what you, dear reader, think. Sometimes the results are predictable and sometimes they are balanced. But every now and then, we get a huge surge in opinion – and it’s all leaning one way. The single biggest emotion/response to Facebook’s new …

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Text messages most popular way of communicating

The use of text messages is continuing to grow in popularity, according to Ofcom Communications. Their market report showed that the average adult sends 200 texts per month, more than double their previous findings four years ago. Mobile phone conversations dropped last year after showing a gradual rise. This could …

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KitGuru Gaming – Weekly Round Up

For those tech readers who don’t always get time to check out our game related content at Kitguru gaming – here is a round up of content published in the last week. “New Console by Award-Winning Industrial Designer – Hailed as the ‘Best Designer Outside of Apple'” Yves Béhar – …

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Blizzard to reintroduce game limits

Input Limit Reached

Blizzard has announced in a forum post that in order to curb bot farming, it will be reintroducing limits on gameplay in Diablo III, namely how many games a player can create within a certain period of time. While the idea is to prevent people from using automated bots to …

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Streetview revisits the Antarctic

Shackleton's Hut

Following on from the Amazon river safari and its whistlestop tour of certain Antarctic areas in 2010, Google’s Streetview has now added a host of new images to its library, making it possible to further explore the region. Now available are shots of Shackleton, Scott’s Hut, the South Pole telescope, …

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Research shows 80% of companies block cloud services

Research conducted by Varonis Systems Inc. (http://www.varonis.com), the leading provider of comprehensive data governance software, has found that while 80 percent of companies do not allow their employees to use cloud based file synchronization services, 70 percent of companies would use these services if they were as robust as internal …

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Windows Phone 7 continues to flop in the US

Analyst firm Nielsen has issued their latest stats for the United States smartphone market in the second quarter of 2012. In this quarter, smartphone adoption continues to increase with 2 in 3 new customers siding with a smartphone. Perhaps the most interesting numbers are those for Windows Phone 7. The …

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Aria cooks up new combos to stimulate market

Jack and Coke, Cheese and Onion, Thelma and Louise. Some things are just better in combination with each other. The cooks down at Aria have been analysing what it is that customers actually buy (as opposed to what combinations you think they will be interested in) and created a new …

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Microsoft Office 2013 ‘most ambitious release’ to date

Microsoft have been showcasing their upcoming Office 2013 release. Quirky CEO Steve Ballmer has described the upcoming release as the companies ‘most ambitious release’ to date. The software is targeting mobile devices, social networking and cloud computing. With a user base of a billion people worldwide, it is also the …

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Tablets to outsell laptops within 4 years

The move from desktop to laptop was gradual. Given that we’ve had portable computing solutions since 1981, it took until the last part of 2008 before the laptop became the dominant PC life form. The latest research shows that Apple’s forte will take a lot less time to pass laptops. …

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Sky postures up to Netflix with Now TV

Now TV

Feeling the serious threat that Netflix poses to its movie business in the UK, BSKYB is set to launch a new service called Now TV tomorrow, 17th July, offering movies on the PC, Mac and some Android devices. Day one, the service will offer 600 films and access to 11 …

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Torrent trackers down themselves in protest

Torrent Protest

Two of the biggest BitTorrent trackers in the world, OpenBitTorrent (OBT) and PublicBitTorrent (PBT) have gone offline to protest a silence by the makers of Utorrent, over a money saving protocol enhancement – or lack thereof. Being not-for profit trackers, both OBT and PBT are sensitive to waste, especially when …

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AMD slashes high end graphics prices

With some rocky sales results predicted for Q2 2012 and no Chief Sales Office in place, AMD has been looking to add stimulus for the (traditionally) quietest quarter of the year. KitGuru has its channel price movement ear to the ground and this is what we’ve heard from the herd. …

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Apple TV may feature Retina Display

The news of Apple releasing a television set hasn’t been that exciting for me, well until I heard that they may be incorporating the high grade retina display into the upcoming models. But will this be cost effective? According to Raymond Soniera, the founder of DisplayMate technologies, Apple may adopt …

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