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India Facebook arrests mirror British censorship

Kapil Sibal

I’ve been talking about British censorship on social networks Twitter and Facebook a lot here at Kitguru in the past few weeks. From the Poppy Burning fiasco, to the extended look into social networking and freedom of speech, the fact that people are getting in legal trouble for making single, …

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THQ in financing talks to avoid closure


THQ has entered into talks with a couple of potential investors, in the hope that it will secure funding to see it through the current tough times with stock pricing and game delays that sees it threatened with liquidation. However while those discussions are ongoing, it has managed to secure …

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Nokia launches Here Maps onto iOS

Last week Nokia announced its Here Maps initiative, a cross-platform mapping solution that has today arrived for Apple iOS devices. Nokia Here Maps will make “you feel like a local wherever you go” with traffic and public transport overlays and voice guided navigation. You also have the option to download …

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Windows 8 sales are disappointing

We are hearing from local dealers in the United Kingdom that Windows 8 sales are not as strong as expected. This verifies the news earlier this week that American retail tech giant Newegg have said that Windows 8 sales are ‘slow going’. Our reports from various sources in the United …

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Wii U error code 150-1093 fix

Many Wii U customers are reporting some problems with their shiny new console. Games were freezing when being loaded with a confusing error and a machine unable to play the game. Nintendo support have answered the problems explaining the weird error code number. When you try to load a game …

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NASA may have discovered life on MARS

U.S. space agency officials are planning to announce a ‘major’ discovery in December, and speculation is rife that some form of life may have been discovered on MARS. NASA’s Curiosity chief scientist John Grotzinger, of the California Institute of Technology in Pasadena spoke to the NPR on Tuesday. He said …

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Blizzard complains over HeroesofWarcraft.com

Heroes of Warcraft

Blizzard has filed a complaint with the National Arbitration Forum for HeroesofWarcraft.com, hoping that the system will force the site’s current owner, one Simon Rattray of Newcastle – according to the WHOIS page – to hand it over. What Blizzard wants the domain for remains to be seen, but this …

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Women of tech given leg up


While females in gaming are often considered a rarity despite the fact that their number is steadily growing and beginning to rival that of their male counterparts, females in technology fields are still a rarer find.  However now a new graduate scheme programme is being launched by Entrepreneur First, that aims to get …

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Skype gift cards continue rollout

Skype Gift

Despite the security hole that Microsoft was forced to patch in its VOIP software, Skype, just a few days ago, the software giant is continuing to populate retail outfits with physical gift cards, designed to get people using the service to call landlines and mobiles, as well as other Skype …

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Windows Phone 7.8 will arrive by the end of the year

At a recent briefing between Nokia Singapore and Microsoft it was mentioned by the head of Nokia Asia Pacific Developer division that the Windows Phone 7.8 update has been shipped to manufacturers. This means that the update could be weeks, or perhaps even days away, we’re not really sure. However, he did …

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US politician to ask Reddit how to best protect web freedoms

Zoe Lofgren

Zoe Lofgren, current representative for California’s 16th congressional district, will be taking to Reddit on the 19th of November to ask the site’s users how they think web freedoms would best be protected. Their responses will help build a new piece of legislation that will be put before congress in …

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Wii U dissected, innards pictured

Wii U Chip

With the Wii U now available in the US, we can finally get a look at its innards. Some of the details emerging confirm that it has 2GB of RAM in four separate 512MB chips, that the AMD GPU core is built on 40nm technology and the IBM CPU is based on …

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Anonymous targets Israel with protests, hacks


While Israel might have the support of Western governments with regards to its Palestinian conflict, it doesn’t garner quite the same feelings from the online world. Apparently over the weekend, the Israeli government was hit by over 44 million hacking attempts, some of which came from the faceless hacktivist movement, …

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Are DSLR cameras dying in popularity?

I find it hard to believe that anyone would use a smartphone for anything but the most basic of photographs on the ‘spur of the moment’, but research handled by Digitimes would indicate that camera sales in 2013 will drop. Digitimes say that the 7.2% drop to an estimated 93.8 …

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UK getting new giant solar farm

Solar Power

A new solar power installation has been given planning permission in Leicester, which when constructed, will be the UK’s biggest, producing 35 Megawatts in total – this could potentially power over 35,000 homes. Set to be built on a new World War 2 airfield known as Wymeswold, in Leicestershire, the …

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Lenovo also working on a 1080p Android smartphone

After Samsung, Sony and HTC it now appears that Lenovo is set to join the 1080p Android smartphone line-up. While we currently don’t know the device’s name or any other specifications, a few screenshots of the device have leaked online. According to GSMArena these three screenshots reveal the device’s 1080p …

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FBI Child ID App helps locate missing children

In America, local police departments are informing the public about the new FBI Child ID Application which can be downloaded for free from the Android Apps section of Google Play or through iTunes. The software will let parents store pictures and vital information about their children in case they go …

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Facebook and Yahoo! forming strategic alliance

The Sunday Telegraph has said that Marissa Mayer and Sheryl Sandburg may be forming an alliance between their companies – Yahoo! and Facebook. Mayer, CEO of Yahoo! and Sanberg, the COO of Facebook are in discussion on how they can work together to conquer the Internet. Unnamed sources said that …

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Samsung rumoured to unveil a 5-inch, 1080p display at CES

After the HTC J Butterfly, Droid DNA for Verizon and the leaked Sony Yuga it seems rather obvious that the next big trend for high-end Android phones is 1080p displays. The latest rumours is that Samsung is set to join the trend by announcing a 4.99 inch display at the Consumer …

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BitTorrent teams up with author for promotion

Tim Ferriss

BitTorrent Inc has announced that it is joining forces with author Tim Ferriss in order to promote his new book, off the back of US book retailers stating that they wouldn’t sell anything that was published through Amazon. Unfortunately for Mr Ferris, that’s where his latest book, “The 4-Hour Chef,” …

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Google not a fan of Bitch magazine


While Google might be ranked up there as one of the top companies to work for in the world, partly for its progressive stance on employment, it isn’t quite so forward thinking when it comes to language – denying certain groups Google accounts when they try and use a domain …

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New MySpace launches private beta

New MySpace

MySpace has today taken one more step towards its relaunch, letting a select group of users have access to its revamped features in a closed beta, that will be used to test the public’s reactions to new features and iron out any potential bugs or issues with them. This is …

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