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Two other games not coming to Wii U


The Wii U’s future as one of the main consoles available for consumers is really not looking good. Not even taking into consideration the fact that many consumers confuse it with its predecessor, its price is already dropping because of poor sales – and another developer has announced its upcoming …

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Wii U has worst US console sales in two generations


Despite Nintendo’s bosses putting a brave face on things, all is not well with Wii U sales numbers. According to a new report, in the US, only 64,000 units were sold throughout the whole of February. Considering the gamepad sporting console hasn’t even been out six months yet, this is …

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Asda and Amazon drop Wii U pricing by £50

Wii U

If Asda was the vanguard of the Wii U price drops, then Amazon was the main. While the supermarket chain might have beaten the online retailer to the punch, dropping its price by £50 before anyone else, Amazon wasn’t far behind, announcing a similar price drop soon after. This means …

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Nintendo has a plan to let home consoles live on


Head at Nintendo, Satoru Iwata, has expressed his confusion over the current trend of interest in cloud and mobile gaming and has suggested that going into the future, his company has plans to maintain the current setup of dominant home consoles. The big idea, is to universalise Nintendo software across …

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Pokédex app makes the iPad seem worth it


Almost. While it doesn’t go quite as far as to slap a pokéball in your hand and send you off on your journey to fame and fortune, the official pokédex application comes about as close to it as is possible. Available now outside of Japan for the first time, on …

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Homebrew Wii U channel now available


Well that didn’t take long. In just over three weeks, the team behind the HomeBrew Wii channel have managed to get it working on the Wii U. It wasn’t easy though, as Nintendo closed up the hole used to hack apart the original Wii. According to the release info of the …

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German law responsible for Wii U watershed

ZombiU Block

Last week we reported on how Nintendo was restricting its Eshop in the EU, making it impossible for anyone to access information, purchase options or trailers of 18+ rated games, unless they visited between 11PM and 3AM. Now Nintendo has explained why and it’s because of a single German law. …

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Wii U needs a fix to access the web and hit sales targets

While Sony and Microsoft prepare to increase the realism on the next generation of sitting-room based consoles, Nintendo has always focused more on playability. As the Wii U lands in British stores, KitGuru assesses the unit shipments required for this new box to be a success. We asked around the …

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Nintendo partners with HMV for Wii U UK launch

WiiU Launch

Nintendo has announced that when its new console, the Wii U, launches in the UK, it will be at a partnered HMV store on London’s Oxford Street. It will officially begin at 12am, but doors will actually open an hour before, with the first 100 people awarded a free game. …

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Wii U dissected, innards pictured

Wii U Chip

With the Wii U now available in the US, we can finally get a look at its innards. Some of the details emerging confirm that it has 2GB of RAM in four separate 512MB chips, that the AMD GPU core is built on 40nm technology and the IBM CPU is based on …

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Nintendo Power officially ends its run

Nintendo Power

While it’s been known about for some time, today is the day when Nintendo Power finally shuts down for good. The gaming magazine that has run for almost 25 years has now come to an end. Fortunately the editor and staff have one final hurrah for the long standing publication. …

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Nintendo is investigating Foxconn child labour claims


Nintendo has announced in the wake of the Foxconn child labour reports – and the company’s admission – that it was investigating what happened and how much truth there really is behind the story. As a quick catch up, Foxconn admitted yesterday to taking part in the illegal hiring of …

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Wii U Europe dates and prices announced

Wii U

Having slated the release of the Wii U in its native Japan for the 8th of December just yesterday, Nintendo was expected to announce a closer-to-Christmas date for the rest of the world. However those fears have proved false, with Nintendo announcing today that its next-generation console would land in …

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Nintendo to release flame red 3DS in September

Nintendo issued a press release today highlighting an upcoming ‘flame red’ version of the 3DS. The new colour will launch on September 9th alongside their new Star Fox 64 3D title. The new releases will be tied into the $169.99 retail price drop which comes into effect on 12th August …

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Nintendo president accepts 50% salary chop

We reported a few days ago that Nintendo are cutting the price of their 3DS portable unit. Sales have not met expectations and the reduction in price is sure to drive more sales. The latest news is that Nintendo employees will also have to face reductions in salary. Nintendo have …

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Nintendo say Wii U will have no DVD or Bluray playback

The WII U won’t make for an ideal media console as it won’t support either DVD or BluRay technology, according to Nintendo. Currently the Xbox 360 supports DVD and the Playstation 3 both DVD and Bluray discs. Nintendo spoke to analysts at a question and answer sessions at the E3 …

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AMD and IBM score Wii-U win

AMD are proud of the fact that the new Wii U console is being powered by AMD’s graphics. While very little information has been posted online, AMD are providing a custom GPU design for the new Nintendo console. AMD were the obvious choice for the Wii U console, as they …

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Nintendo to showcase new game console

E3 visitors will have a treat on hand this year. The Los Angeles event will be the launching ground for Nintendo’s new upcoming game console. Nintendo said this week that they are going to showcase the Wii replacement at E3. They have not yet given a name for the new …

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Nintendo 3DS sells 400,000: strong launch

Nintendo will be pleased that their 3DS launch has been so strong. reports are filtering in that they have sold 400,000 units in the first week of release. While many have commented that the DS was a ‘bigger’ seller, it is worth bearing in mind that the 3DS is priced …

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Nintendo 3DS preorders break Amazon UK console records

The Nintendo 3DS pre order sales figures are breaking all records on Amazon UK, outperforming the previous console leader, the Sony Playstation 3. Chris Poad, the director of Video games at Amazon.co.uk said “It’s unusual for a handheld console to attract this amount of excitement in the run up to …

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