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Apple halves its iCloud storage prices

Apple had a big day yesterday, launching the new Apple TV, iPad Pro, iPad Mini and the iPhone 6S. There were so many announcements last night that this one may have slipped under the radar. Yesterday, Apple went ahead and halved the prices for its iCloud storage. As a standard, …

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WildStar free to play closed beta launches

Earlier this year, it was announced that WildStar would be ditching the subscription model in favour of going free to play, in hopes that this would bring a surge of new players and keep the game alive. The switch to free to play is due to happen ‘this fall’ but …

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Google pushing ahead with plans for paid service

It seems that Google is pushing ahead with its plans to launch a paid YouTube service some time this year. So far, the company has signed up partners that make up around 90 percent of YouTube views, though apparently Google’s efforts on getting TV networks involved are falling a bit …

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YouTube has a paid subscription service on the way

News broke earlier this week that YouTube’s long rumored paid subscription service is finally on the way. The new service will let monthly subscribers watch videos without ads and a cut of that revenue will be split between YouTube and content creators. The idea is to boost revenue for everybody, …

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Amazon now offers unlimited cloud storage

Amazon has announced its new subscription tiers for its online storage service, ‘Cloud Drive’, with one of the options offering up unlimited storage. Those with Amazon Prime or owners of an Amazon Fire device will already have access to unlimited photo storage, but now two extra tiers are available to …

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YouTube may launch premium subscription service

YouTube may soon launch its own premium subscription service for access to its own original content. The platform will be similar to the company’s new Music Key streaming service, allowing users to watch ad-free videos for a monthly fee, according to a Variety report. This rumor comes from an unnamed …

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Would you pay for YouTube? Google think so

Youtube advert

It’s no secret that YouTube is the go to source for instantly watching online videos these days, with YouTube access being a consideration when people are buying anything from tablets and phones, to consoles and TVs, let alone PCs. But now that YouTube is in such a dominant position, as …

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Could Windows 10 and beyond be a subscription service?


Following remarks made at the Credit Suisse Technology Conference by Kevin Turner, Microsoft’s chief operating officer, there has been some speculation that Windows 10 could be released for free, or at least at a very low price while being backed by some subscription services. Here’s what Turner had to say: “We’ve …

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Amazon launched eBook subscription service in the UK

Amazon has officially launched its eBooks and audiobooks subscription service in the UK. The service is called ‘Kindle Unlimited’ and allows customers to pay a monthly fee for unlimited access to a pre determined library. In the UK, the service will cost £7.99 a month, Amazon Kindle EU Vice President, Jorrit …

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Sony reaffirms stance on EA Access

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe CEO, Jim Ryan, has reaffirmed the company’s stance on EA’s new subscription program, EA Access, stating that the $5 a month gaming service doesn’t quite “fit into the framework of everything we do and everything that we offer.” “We don’t have anything against EA Access, we …

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Amazon launches unlimited eBook subscription service

If Amazon wasn’t already considered in all out war with the traditional book sale industry, it is now. Extending its Kindle dominance over eBooks even further, Amazon has now launched a subscription service for the platform, offering some half million plus digital books for unlimited viewing, for just $9.99 a …

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Netflix to raise subscription price for new customers

Netflix has announced that it is going to be raising its subscription prices slightly for new customers within the next two to three months. It isn’t going to be a huge increase though, Netflix CEO, Reed Hastings, said that the company’s goal is to do “a one or two dollar increase, …

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Rumour: Youtube may start charging for some videos

According to some hints floating around several different sites this morning, Youtube could be set to begin charging for certain channel subscriptions, marking the first time that its content has been restricted to a specific user base. According to the Mashable report and its sources, this payment model could be …

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Legimi looks to reinvent the library


While the digital distribution model has taken a while to get going, it’s certainly picked up steam now, as more and more of us find ourselves listening to music through services like Spotify, watching movies through Netflix; we’re renting access to content. However, while there’s been a big push with …

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