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Tesla to take on Uber in ride sharing program


Although there are still plenty of car manufacturers pumping out new designs for human controlled, combustion equipped vehicles, many believe the writing is on the wall for the car industry. Along with being electric, our cars are going to drive us around autonomously and we may not even own them …

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Uber losses are mounting, can it keep growing?


Uber is one of those companies that has always lost money. It survives purely on continued investment because it's a good idea. That means it's worth tens of billions of pounds, despite making catastrophic losses. The question is, can it keep it up? The latest report suggests that Uber lost …

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Could Uber’s biggest competition come from Africa?


Uber is a company that has made many enemies in its short lived life as a ride-hailing firm, but it's also seen competitors spring up. However of all the territories where competitions is fierce, it could be that in Africa Uber faces its greatest threat of being the less popular service. …

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Uber secures $1.15 billion in leveraged loan

As much as Uber is changing the way people catch lifts to and from places they need to go, as a company it's a terrible money maker. Uber loses tens of millions every quarter, but has managed to stay afloat through investment and borrowing. That's nothing new in 2016, as …

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Uber hits the billion journey mark in just five years

Uber is laying claim to having completed more than a billion journeys with its ride sharing, app-based taxi service in just five years since it began operation in 2010. Although it has faced stupendous opposition from traditional taxi firms and transport authorities, and makes giant losses every quarter, it continues …

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Uber to push ahead with ride sharing in London

Uber has been facing off against Transport for London for some time now, but despite the transport authority discussing possibly adding minimum wait times for ride hailing, it has ploughed on doggedly. In its latest venture, it plans to shake up the landscape of travel in one of the world's …

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New York Taxi companies sue city over Uber growth

Another town, another group of taxi companies and another Uber-centric lawsuit. Once again taxi companies are unhappy that Uber, the ride sharing application that has turned everyone into for-hire drivers, is taking all of their business, so they're suing New York City and its transport authority for allowing the app-based …

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Virgin may one day compete directly with Uber

One of the more head scratching moves made by local governments and authorities in looking to deal with the destabilising effect the Uber ride-hailing company has had on the traditional transport business, is restricting it. Transport for London famously pushed for a five minute minimum wait time for customers to …

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Uber leaks personal data of its own drivers

Uber has gone ahead and exposed the personal data of hundreds of its own drivers, putting out social security numbers, pictures of drivers licenses, vehicle registration numbers, along with other pertinent information. The leak was accidental and was first noticed on Tuesday by drivers registered with the company. Reports quickly …

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Uber faces London court battle today

Uber has been facing stiff opposition to its operation almost since it began service several years ago. It's had to deal with violence in some countries, protests from entire working sectors and most recently court battles, where taxi industries attempt to shut it out of their industry. The latest battle …

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Users and business heads come out in support of Uber London

The app-based, ride hailing service, Uber, has faced a lot of criticism as it's launched around the world, with governments and local authorities unsure how to deal with the relatively unregulated platform, and taxi drivers facing a very disruptive competitor to their long-standing monopoly on taking people from A-to-B. The …

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Uber makes a huge loss every year

Despite being the crest of a wave of change in the way we get about our roadways, Uber, the app based taxi service which in just a few years has grown to be worth an estimated $50 billion, is said to be a financial sinkhole, losing tens of millions a …

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French politicians urge rethink on Taxi laws due to Uber

Uber has been a pretty disruptive company to the traditional taxi industries around the world. There have been protests, sometimes violent, against the use of the technology as it tends to cut into the profits of those driving standard taxis. In the aftermath of these issues, Uber has actually suspended …

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