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Gaming PC

Games focused PCs that need to deliver the right frame rates. This section focuses more on high-end 3D benchmarks – then the KitGuru tells you what combination is best.

Alienware Aurora R4 Review

We review a lot of system components at Kitguru, but sometimes we like to target the audience who have no interest or time to build their own computer. The system we are looking at today might appeal to that audience, because it is the latest high specification Core i7 Aurora …

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Darwin evolves into a Pure PC

It’s always nice to be surprised. We operate in a mature industry, where the truly inspirational products occur infrequently. So when we picked up a couple of emails about Pure PC and Darwin, we decided to do some investigating. Here’s what we’ve found so far. First you need an architect …

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YOYOTech XDNA 760 System Review

KitGuru’s often spend their time salivating over some of the finest prebuilt systems on the market from the likes of Cryo.  They usually feature all the latest, greatest and most expensive tech and are finished off with a full water cooling system. Such systems usually demand a price of £3000+ …

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NZXT Vulcan Case Review

Today in the KitGuru labs we are looking at the latest offering from NZXT.  This is the third chassis from NZXT that we have recently dissected and after the mixed results we experienced with the Beta EVO, we are hoping for a better showing this time. The NZXT Vulcan is …

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Valve releasing free game today

Valve are releasing Alien Swarm later for free – with the full source code as a bonus. This is an updated version of the old Unreal Tournament mod. Alien Swarm has been recoded into the famous Source Engine and is set to look rather attractive if the videos are anything …

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Steam Hardware Survey: AMD gaining, DX11 and Win 7 growth

Steam just released their Hardware Survey for April 2010 – with 26 million accounts being used as a basis for reference it is probably the most accurate system we currently have for analysing hardware trends. Valve are not resting on their laurels and have recently adopted Direct X 11 graphics …

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