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From 32-port wired to 4-port wireless, there is a dizzying array of options available. KitGuru puts routers under the magnifying glass and passes judgement to make your buying choice easier.

Linksys WRT1900AC Dual Band Wireless Router Review

Today we are looking at the WRT 1900AC dual band wireless router from Linksys. This is the current flagship model sporting the latest dual band technologies along with the 802.11 ac wireless specification. With a theoretical transfer speed of well over a Gigabit per second, wirelessly, can the WRT1900AC make …

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TSMC builds world’s first 32-core networking chip using 16nm FinFET process technology

Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. on Thursday said that it has built the world’s first many-core networking processor for next-generation wireless communications and routers using 16nm FinFET fabrication technology. The ultra-thin manufacturing process will allow the many-core chip to deliver high performance and rich feature-set while consuming low amounts of power. …

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Netgear R6300 802.11ac Smart Wi-Fi Router Review

Today we are going to take a look at one of the latest wireless routers from Netgear – the R6300.  This offers the latest in dual-band wireless technology, supporting the 802.11ac specification.  This should offer significantly better throughput than a 802.11n network, theoretically up to around 1,300 MB/s.  We are …

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Linksys Smart Wi-Fi Router EA6500 Review

Routers are the life and soul of the media party in many modern households. They are also under an ever increasing demand to deliver high definition media content to multiple devices simultaneously. Whether this be for streaming TV, gaming online,  downloading or uploading content – it all requires a fast …

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Fastest Asus router ever made gets new pricing

With the price originally set at £200 by Asus, KitGuru Labs tested the RT-AC66U to destruction (almost) when it was still over £180. Today sees an additional cut from Amazon which brings the price down even more. KitGuru asks if this as far as the price cutting goes? Price cuts …

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Tenda W300M Wireless N300 Portable AP/Router Review

Wireless networks in hotels and other locations are becoming commonplace, but that doesn’t mean that they are cheap to use, reliable or secure. Tenda’s W300M portable access point/router aims to solve those problems by converting the more secure port-based internet connection to a personalised wireless network. If you haven’t experienced the …

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Tenda Wireless N ADSL 2+ Modem Router W300D Review

Many of the routers on the market are just that, routers. Today, we are looking at the Tenda W300D router which is not just a router, but a modem router. While lots of our readers will have modem routers, these will have been provided by your ISP to make initial …

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Buffalo nudges £19 barrier for N-class router

We’re not in the habit of flagging special offers on KitGuru. There are specialist places for this … they’re called shops. But UK reseller Dabs just pinged us with an offer that made KitGuru almost choke on the Saturday morning cornflakes. Have things really moved this far? (Move to black …

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