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BBC to expand services to many more countries around the world


Despite ongoing issues with license fees and what is increasingly labelled piracy with people viewing iPlayer content without paying them, the BBC is looking to expand its audience internationally in the coming years. Thanks to a cash investment by the government, the BBC wants its audience to expand to 500 …

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Samsung frees up $900 million by selling minor share holdings


Samsung Electronics has generated close to $900 (£690) million by selling small share holdings it has in various companies. Purportedly the reasoning is to help generate investment funds for the core business, which will help consolidate Samsung's efforts into its major earning divisions. Companies that Samsung sold shares for includes …

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Vivendi raises stake in Ubisoft

Last night, we heard that Vivendi, the same company that previously took over a majority stake in Activision, had begun acquiring shares in Ubisoft. At the time, the publisher's CEO expressed concern that Vivendi would keep raising its take in the company until it had a majority of shares under …

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Uber makes a huge loss every year

Despite being the crest of a wave of change in the way we get about our roadways, Uber, the app based taxi service which in just a few years has grown to be worth an estimated $50 billion, is said to be a financial sinkhole, losing tens of millions a …

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China boosts US investment in R&D

While the world may like to use China as a manufacturing hub for all of its products, it is no longer just the country that labour is outsourced to: it's now the one doing much of the outsourcing. In a strange turnaround, it's now investing billions in US based R&D …

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Crowd funding will surpass venture capital by 2016

If there is any indication that crowd funding has the potential to disrupt the world's economies, it's this. If current trends continue, crowd funding is going to provide more investment to businesses and projects in 2016 than venture capitalists will. That could have a real impact on how companies pitch …

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Google investment partner thinks we’ll all live to 500

Medical technology is advancing so fast, that a partner in Google's investment department believes that as long as we can live for another 20-30 years, we'll be able to make it to the ripe old age of 500 without too much difficulty. His reasoning? The ultra fast development of new …

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Amazon spent $1.3 billion on streaming last year

If there was any indication that Amazon considers Netflix one of its biggest opponents in any industry, it's this. In 2014, the retail giant pumped over $1.3 billion (£860 million) into its streaming service, Amazon Prime Instant Video, helping to fund new programming like the award winning Transparent. This cash …

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Microsoft may invest in Android spin-off developer

Microsoft's take on the mobile industry hasn't ever been particularly strong. It has rebounded a little with its Nokia purchase and the recent Windows Phone push, but it is far and away the second fiddle and third wheel of the industry dominated by iOS and Android handsets. However that may …

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Alibaba sinks $10 million into OUYA Android console


The OUYA console started its life as one of Kickstarters most successful projects back in 2012, raising over $8.6 million from backers and blazing past its $950,000 goal in less than a 8 hours. Since then the $99 Android console has been though a few ups and downs, it has been …

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Capcom has abandoned its takeover protection scheme

It is now possible to buy Capcom as the publisher's current investors have voted to abandon the company's takeover protection plan. The protection plan was first implemented back in 2008 and has been consistently renewed since then, until now. A rigorous approval process was put in place to stop any …

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Oculus Rift nets another $16 million in funding

While the Oculus Rift headset might have been initially funded by Kickstarter, this doesn't mean that it's funding is done with. The virtual reality peripheral has now garnered a further $16 million from investment firms, bringing aboard new executives to the Oculus Rift board of directors. The $16 (£10) million …

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Ouya secures $15 million in new round of funding

The Ouya Android console has taken a bit of a beating recently. Early reviews of the developer hardware that went out were not good. People described it as being significantly underpowered and only offering something that most smartphones are capable of. Despite this, the company behind it have managed to secure another …

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Panasonic to invest $2.7 billion for restructuring


Japanese electronics giant Panasonic, has announced a company restructuring with an investment of $2.7 (£1.8) billion over the next two years, with a particular focus on expanding the company's automotive and housing developments, while scaling back on consumer electronics. It's not clear from this fresh round of investment if job …

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UK gives go ahead for graphene development


Graphene, the wonder material that's light, strong and impressively conductive, has now been given the go ahead by British chancellor of the exchequer, with plans to commercialise the substance thanks to a £22 million investment. While this won't mean we'll soon be wearing graphene shoes and hats, it could mean …

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