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Oculus co-founder sees mobile being the future of VR


While Oculus initially found its footing in the PC gaming community, since being acquired by Facebook several years back, the company has expanded its scope significantly. Over time we have seen the company expand its focus into other areas and now, it looks like one of the company’s co-founders is …

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Oculus executives back founder over Trump meme investment


Palmer Luckey’s co-executives at Oculus VR have come forward with a message of solidarity for the company founder, despite a lambasting the 24 year old received online for his investment in a company posting memes and spam related to Donald Trump. They defend his right to support whatever political causes …

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Pre-orders now open for new Samsung Gear VR


Rumours circulated earlier this week that Samsung and Oculus had a new Gear VR headset in the works and now those have proved true. Starting late yesterday, both companies made a second edition Samsung Gear VR headset available to pre-order in the U.S. for $100. The most obvious difference with …

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Next-gen Gear VR may be black, have improved FOV


Samsung is known to be working on a second generation of its Gear VR, smartphone virtual reality headset, but details remain a little thin on the ground. However one rumour suggests it could be ditching the white paint job for a black one and that it will feature a slightly expanded …

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Oculus responds to Rift’s major shipment delays

Following on from yesterday’s reports that Oculus has had to push back Rift shipment dates by a significant margin this week, the company has decided to offer a formal statement on the matter. As we know, the Rift has been facing supply chain issues, causing pre-orders to go out late …

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HTC speaks out on issues during Vive EU launch

The launch of the first virtual reality consumer headsets has not been without its issues. HTC had some problems with pre-orders being mistakenly cancelled and a few other problems have arisen but the company is working hard to resolve them and has spoken out to explain things to its customers. …

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Oculus digital platform now supports Facebook

Although the specifics of how Oculus VR’s digital store and home-hub platform will work are still mostly unknown, we do know that it can support Facebook. Although unsurprising considering the social network is the parent company of the VR startup, this is something that could really separate Oculus’ Rift headset …

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HTC Vive pre-orders now live, priced at £689 in UK

The HTC Vive is now available for pre-order around the world, with international pricing revealed over the weekend. To put in your own order, visit the official HTC site, but consider pre-warning your your credit card company, as though there are no charges going through today (unless you use Paypal), …

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Palmer Luckey and Notch spar over Rift quality

Founder of Oculus VR and the original creator of Minecraft, Markus “Notch” Persson, have been going back and forth via Twitter, with the latter suggesting that Oculus has fallen behind its main VR headset rival, HTC with its Vive. While Luckey countered, the back and forth shows the heated landscape …

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HTC to announce Vive price tag at MWC

It looks like we could be learning the official price tag of the Valve-backed HTC Vive virtual reality headset very soon. We already know that pre-orders are due to go live at the end of the month but apparently the price tag will be unveiled at the Mobile World Congress …

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AMD lists its ‘Oculus Ready’ processors

Virtual reality is getting a huge push this year with plenty of VR or Oculus-ready PCs hitting the market over the next few months. While we have known the recommended specification for gaming on an Oculus Rift for a while, most places have been listing Intel CPUs. So now, AMD …

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