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Samsung prices its 105” 5K UHD curved TV: $120,000

Samsung Electronics on Tuesday revealed the official price of its 105” curved ultra-high-definition TV-set that combines the best technologies that the company has to offer. Apparently, in order to get the virtually most advanced television ever, one will have to pay a rather whopping sum of money. The recommended price …

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Sony puts development of OLED TVs on hold, to focus on UHD TVs

Sony Corp. has reportedly decided to put development and commercialization of AMOLED/OLED TVs on hold in a bid to concentrate on ultra-high-definition (UHD) televisions that have higher chances to become popular in the coming years. While this clearly puts Sony behind its rivals LG Electronics and Samsung Electronics, it should …

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Asus introduces 4K 28-inch gaming display for $799/£475

Asustek Computer on Monday announced the PB287Q 4K/UHD (ultra-high-definition) 28” monitor designed for prosumers and gamers. The new display will cost starting from only $799 (€576, £475) without taxes, but will deliver everything a gamer needs: UHD resolution, 60Hz refresh rate, 1ms response time, audio in/audio out and so on. …

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Samsung blames profit decline on employee bonuses

Samsung’s quarterly results were revealed yesterday which saw an 18 per cent decline in the company’s profits from last quarter, so where did the money go? Well Currency exchange rates as well as employee bonuses seem to be the cause. Samsung says that while its marketing budget did increase due …

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LG combining OLED and 4K TVs for mainstream in 2014

Every TV manufacturer and his dog are pushing 4K resolution right now, hoping to make it mainstream as soon as possible. Likewise, they’re also gunning for people to upgrade their LCDs and Plasmas, to OLED set ups, but few are pushing both at the same time – that’s where LG …

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LG focus on OLED tech for big screen TV’s

LG have said that they are not going to develop Organic Light Emitting Diode Displays (OLED) for smaller portable devices. Kown Young Soo, the chief executive of LG Display said in a meeting with reporters last week “Samsung is misleading the market because OLED displays are not suitable in terms …

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