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Destiny 2 is already in the works

Bungie and Activision have seen great success with the launch of Destiny. While reviews were fairly mixed, criticizing  the title’s lack of story but praising the gameplay mechanics, it hasn’t stopped the game from garnering 9.5 million registered users to date and due to this commercial success, Destiny 2 is …

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Activision teasing the return of Sierra

Activision appears to be reviving the Sierra Entertainment brand as a short teaser trailer went online overnight,  letting us know that we can expect an announcement at Gamescom later on this month. The developer and publisher combo is best known for games like Phantasmagoria, Space Quest and Gabriel Knight. The teaser …

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Crytek still owns the Timesplitters IP

While it’s not clear whether or not the Crytek UK studio is still open, we do know that the team that had previously developed Timesplitters and is currently working on Homefront: The Revolution now works for Dambuster Studios. However, it seems that the ex Crytek UK team isn’t going to …

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