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Borderlands update paves way for Steamworks

Borderlands is the latest title to be saved from the Gamespy shutdown as a new update removes the title’s SecuROM DRM and paves the way for Steam Works integration. Right now Borderlands is a multiplayer-less game but co-op will soon be making a return for those who still play. The …

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Paradox CEO agrees with you: DRM stinks

There’s very few CEO’s of gaming publishers that ever sound like actual fans of gaming. You might hear them talk at an E3 presser about how they like to shoot some guns using their joysticks or whatever the kids use these days, but very rarely do you hear one that …

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Ubisoft admits that DRM doesn’t stop piracy

Yesterday we reported on GOG.com’s thoughts on DRM and how the industry needs to move away from it. Today in the aftermath of that discussion, Ubisoft has admitted that DRM doesn’t actually prevent piracy and thinks that more companies should focus on making games that people want to pay for …

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GOG: Gamers are not criminals and do not need DRM

Should the video games industry rid itself off Digital Rights Management (DRM)? According to GOG North America boss, Guillaume Rambourg, it absolutely should. GOG has always taken a negative approach to DRM, in-fact no game on the store is allowed to include any form of rights management. DRM is used …

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Gabe Newell denies Valve collecting browser data

The past 48 hours have been a hotbed of roiling trust issues over in the Reddit Steam community, as one user claimed to have proof that Valve’s anti-cheating software, VAC, was sending browsing history data back to Valve servers and effectively tracking all Steam gamers. However, now Gabe Newell, Valve’s …

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Xbox One day one update will take about 20 minutes

Microsoft dug itself into quite a hole earlier this year with its Xbox One reveal. It wasn’t so much that every idea was bad, family sharing would have been pretty cool, but other than that all of the restrictions and privacy concerns with Kinect just didn’t seem worth it. After …

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No online DRM for Sims 4

Yesterday at Gamescom, EA Games and Maxis debuted a trailer for their highly expected Sims 4 game, set for release later this year. However, it wasn’t all nude shower patches and make-believe-languages, some people were worried that we’d see the same sort of forced-online DRM that we had with Sim …

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New ebook DRM surfaces in Germany

While gamers might complain about DRM ruining games, readers might soon be saying the same when it comes to ebooks, as a German research group has just invented a new method of locking down digital copies of the world’s novels, by injecting them with text and punctuation changes. The technique …

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EA Games is ditching online passes

Thank god. EA Games has announced that due to its player base not really taking it up on the offer of paying for games’ multiplayer content, after they bought the game second hand or borrowed it from a friend, that it was dropping the much hated Online Pass system. “We’re …

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BBC supports idea of HTML DRM


The BBC, an organisation that in the past has championed open standards – according to their own blog – has pledged its support for the W3C proposal put forward by big media giants last week, in an effort to have the standards group push for DRM restrictions on HTML. The …

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HTML could soon have its own web based DRM


While it seems to be uncertain at the moment if it’ll become a standard – here’s hoping not – the possibility of adding DRM to HTML is being talked about as a very real possibility in the near future. Known as the Encrypted Media Extensions proposal, the project is already …

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DRM for 3D printing gets the go ahead

3D Patent

Those that produce DRM are never really considered to be ahead of the game. In almost every instance it’s a reactionary measure designed to provide a level of ass-covering for higher ups in a company that isn’t really aware of how easy it will be circumvented. However when it comes …

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How many times should you pay for the same content?

Vince Cable’s announcement that some format shifting would be allowed, in law, by the end of this session of parliament – finally allows the corporations the chance to operate in an intelligent way. KitGuru believes that the real question is actually, “How many times should you pay for the same …

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