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The Steam universe is expanding in 2014

Last week Gabe Newell hinted at a steam box announcement sometime soon. Now there is a website with space for three clocks, the first countdown has already begun, and it ends in 32 hours at time of writing. The signs pointing towards a console announcement are strong, the url ends …

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Sega suing defunct THQ

Poor THQ. It struggles to stay afloat throughout 2012, finally announcing at the close of the year that it’ll be shutting up shop for good, and it can’t even rest peacefully in the grave. Along with several other creditors, Sega has announced its intention to sue the bankrupt publisher for …

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Valve is running a beta for Steam Cards now

Yesterday we talked about the new leveling system that Steam profiles are getting, but apparently that’s not the only shake up Valve is introducing. Another new feature which is now in beta, is a Steam trading card system. This isn’t a game though, but more like achievements, that aren’t just achievements, if …

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Steam profiles just got shaken up

Valve has added a new feature to Steam profiles, making it possible for people to gain levels for community actions, alongside the traditional badge system which rewards certain tasks being completed. Not every territory has it just yet, as Valve is rolling it out slowly over the next few days, …

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Valve’s business boomed 50 per cent in 2012

Gabe Newell got a chance to speak in the UK recently, after being awarded the fellowship Bafta. The acceptance speech was full of the sort of thanks and jokes you’d expect, but the interview afterwards was a bit more illuminating: Gabe said Valve had grown by as much as 50 …

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The War Z is back on Steam


We’ve covered The War Z a few times here at KitGuru, with its lying ways, apologies from major players at the company – which disturbingly still doesn’t have its own website – and eventual removal from Steam for not offering a satisfactory build. Now though, it’s been allowed back and …

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More Valve staff let go – as many as 25

Gabe Beard

While we don’t quite know the extent of the layoffs just yet, it’s being suggested by a few sources that as many as 25 of Valve’s staff may have been let go as part of “group layoffs,” from all over the company – business networking, hardware development and more. We …

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Steam now available for iPad

Steam App

It seems we can’t go a day without Steam or Valve being in the news – and unfortunately it’s never about Half Life 3 – but we’re at it once again today, since the Steam app is now available for the iPad. If you want to pick up the Steam …

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Gabe Newell talks Steam of the future


Gabe Newell has been speaking out about the future of Steam quite a bit recently, with a lot of focus of expanding its reach and giving better opportunities to smaller developers. However, he’s also been thinking about having much less Valve involvement, replacing its current gatekeeper like system with an …

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Steam user base is still growing, fast

Steam Stats

While many might look at Steam as the default platform for gaming on the PC, it obviously hasn’t got everyone on board yet, as its user base is growing all the time and according to new statistics, that growth is accelerating too. Back in January last year, Steam had a …

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Linux Steam Box coming this year

Steam box

We might already have heard from Nvidia about its new Shield console and we certainly know that the Ouya is up and running, but Valve has been relatively quiet about its own console offerings. Now though, according to an engineer at the company, we know it’ll run Linux and that it’ll …

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Game Guides debut on Steam


Valve has launched a new feature on its digital distribution platform, allowing those that participate in the beta to begin making and using guides for games. The idea being that when you get stuck, you can pull up the guide within Steam itself instead of having to Google for it. …

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League of Legends coming to Steam?


League of Legends has been making a lot of journalistic waves in the past few days, with the biggest focus on the removal and crack down on trolls. However the big rumour today is that the world’s most popular game could be coming to Steam. The hints come from entries …

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Valve economist talks Steam machines and other hardware

Valve Economist

Valve’s ‘economist in residence’ Yanis Varoufakis, has opened up in a blog post translated by Neogaf user alexanderos, that gives us a little more information on Valve’s hardware developments, including the reasoning behind them. “At the time period between March till June I went back to Valve and we begun …

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Gabe Newell clarifies class action clause

Jurassic Park

Head at Valve, Gabe Newell, has expanded on the initial official statement regarding the company’s Terms of Service that forced players to agree that they could not take out a class action lawsuit against Valve; apparently it’s because lawyers suck. This all came out as part of a 4Chan visit …

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Valve creates Greenlight concept section


Perhaps to counter the fact that many of the first 10 games that the Steam community gave the ‘Greenlight’ to were unfinished, Valve has implemented a split in the way games are shown on the crowd voting platform. Now titles that are finished will have their own sections, while unfinished …

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Valve tweaks T&Cs to protect against lawsuits

Steam Subscriber Agreement

Valve has updated the Steam terms and conditions, in order to help protect itself from potential lawsuits from its customer base, specifically the class action kind. “It’s clear to us that in some situations, class actions have real benefits to customers. In far too many cases however, class actions don’t …

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