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TPCast partners with Lattice for wireless VR roll out

TPCast, the company behind the recently debuted wireless upgrade kit for the HTC Vive virtual reality headset, has announced a partnership with Lattice Semiconductors for a number of the solution’s internal components. Lattice provides the HDMI bridge which makes it possible to wirelessly transmit data that would traditionally require a wired …

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VR locomotion solved? The CAOTS system

One virtual reality developer claims to have solved some of the major problems with getting around in virtual reality beyond room scale. Called the CAOTS system, it utilises head bob tracking and arm motion to calculate your pace and lets you move around large, virtual environments while bobbing, walking and …

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Alien Covenant is getting a VR tie-in experience


The Alien franchise is set to make a return this year with the release of Alien: Covenant and to celebrate that fact, it’s getting a virtual reality tie-in experience. Set to release alongside the movie, the VR experience will be a paid for addition, so here’s hoping that means it …

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VR Retro Arcade now supports light gun games


If you hanker for the long-gone days of dark and dingy arcades, with blinking and blooping machines with youngsters huddled round them, then New Retro Arcade: Neon is your VR dream come true. In its latest update too, the developers have added light gun support, meaning Time Crisis 2 and …

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What games are you playing this weekend?


With Black Friday giving sites like GoG and GreenManGaming a good excuse to discount games, and Steam running its usual Autumn sale, there are a tonne of games on offer today and over the next few days. That means that there’s a good chance that this weekend you guys are playing …

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HTC partners with NEXPERIENCE for Korean VR evanglism


HTC has found another disciple for the glory of virtual reality in the form of Korean firm NEXPERIENCE. Known for building and developing projection-based golf simulators, NEXPERIENCE has partnered with HTC to help build new experience stations in Korea, as well as popularising what it calls “VR culture,” throughout the …

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