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Super Micro unveils its new range of SuperO Z390 motherboards

Super Micro has prepared its latest motherboards for Intel’s new 9th generation line-up, introducing the SuperO Z390 range. The new chipset gives Super Micro similar performance boosts touted by competitors, but what gives the company a real edge is server-grade quality built for gamers. The new SuperO motherboard line-up is …

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OnePlus launches the OnePlus 6T at the end of the month

A whole host of flagship smartphones are launching this month, with Google’s Pixel 3 line-up arriving on the 9th and Huawei shortly following on the 16th. Price to performance king OnePlus has announced that it will also be joining the fray, unveiling its OnePlus 6T on the 30th. Aesthetically, the …

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The Apple Watch Series 4 still struggles with Daylight Savings Time

Although Apple has improved its fourth-generation of smart wearables by adding in a range of new functionality, it seems that the company still struggles with a watch’s primary function: telling time. Australian users of the Apple Watch Series 4 have recently experienced a bug during the switch to Daylight Savings …

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