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Larrabee 2: secrets revealed during pub crawl !

Sunshine finally warmed the English countryside today. As a river meandered through the sleepy town of Newbury, one of the KitGuru crew was relaxing outside the Lock, Stock and Barrels pub. As he supped his well earned lager, he overheard something very interesting indeed. Sitting not too far away, a …

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AMD channel panic as foundry runs dry

Successful product launches rely on a hundred things going right, and just a single, well placed, problem can seriously impact the well laid plans of VPs and men. Phenom II X6 has just hit such a bump in the road(map) and there’s no sign of a quick solution. Word has …

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Intel chisels Core i7 875k street price in (tomb?) stone

From the dark days of the Pentium 4, Intel has come a long way in its attitude toward the overclocking community. From ‘all overclocks must be stopped’ to ‘the clocks that rock’. But how much will the latest overclocking chip of the Core generation set you back? Setting the price …

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AMD Phenom II X4 960T cancelled

AMD insiders notified us a while ago that the Phenom II X4 960T, better known for its ‘unlocking to six core’ capabilities will not reach retail and will be an OEM only part. Many people were looking forward to owning a six core CPU for the price of only a …

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AMD showing positive growth in notebook arena

2010 has been a fantastic year for AMD with the release of their DX11 5xxx desktop series, but this success is also spilling over into the mobile marketplace. AMD have had a good focus on pricing over the last year and it is reaping dividends for them as their growth …

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Special K: Could Intel 655k hit under $200 trade ?

Intel has reacted very quickly to AMD’s highly overclockable Phenom II X6 processors, by prepping the launch of 2 hugely overclockable parts at the end of May. In this space, pricing will be crucial. Dubbed the Core i5 665 and Core i7 875, these new chips ship with their metaphorical …

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Low Voltage Athlons on the way

AMD recently announced new 45W desktop processors and from what we have heard today they will be released in the coming week. The Athlon X2 245e will be clocked at 2.9ghz and is going to sell for around 75 euros and this will be followed up by a 3ghz clocked …

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No need for quad core Atoms (just yet) says Intel

No additional cores on the horizon for the users that might need them most? While professing that more cores are always better, it seems that the Intel hierarchy have no immediate plans to bring quad core goodness to netbooks yet. Intel Insiders KitGuru spoke to earlier today said that “Software still has a …

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AMD 1090T: The Lion Roars @ Intel

AMD 1095T Architecture

Will AMD’s Leo platform be hopelessly outgunned by the awesome power of Intel’s latest, top-end, 6-core, i7 Extreme Edition… or are they aimed at totally different markets?  KitGuru gets in the ring to investigate who LEO wants to tame. In 2007, Pat Gelsinger gave an open interview about Intel’s future …

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