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Apple acquires $848m stake in Solar power plant


As part of his keynote address to the Goldman Sachs conference, Tim Cook has announced that Apple has purchased an $848m stake in a new solar plant, to be built in Monterey County, California by First Solar. For its stake in the new plant it will get 130 of the total 230 …

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Qualcomm to pay $975 million in anti-trust fines to China

Mobile chip maker, Qualcomm, is set to pay $975 million out to Chinese officials in order to end a 14 month-long anti-trust investigation into the company’s patent licensing practices. The fine is actually the largest in China’s corporate history. The firm will also have to lower royalty fees on patents …

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iOS 9 reported to focus on stability and bug fixes

Apple’s iOS 9 update might not come packed with brand new features or apps but rather, focus on under the hood changes along with stability and bug fixes instead. This may well be a response to the troubled launch of iOS 8, which took a couple of months to patch …

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VESA’s new eDP 1.4a standard enables 8K UHD embedded displays

The Video Electronics Standards Association (VESA) on Monday published the Embedded DisplayPort (eDP) standard version 1.4a. The new standard allows to build ultra-high-definition panels for embedded applications with up to 8K*4K (7680*4320) resolutions. The new eDP 1.4a standard also supports AdaptiveSync technology. The eDP v1.4a standard leverages the VESA DisplayPort …

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MSI GE62 Apache exposed at Meltdown

MSI chose Meltdown London to launch its GE62 Apache mid-range gaming laptop. Meltdown London is part of a chain of converted pubs across Europe, that have been filled with PCs instead of bar stools and large screens carrying streams instead of Sky Sports. Leo Waldock tracked down MSI’s Kian Salehi …

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New Gorilla Glass to almost be as scratch resistant as Sapphire

Late last year, Corning showed off the latest version of its Gorilla Glass, claiming that it was stronger than ever and more resistant to common drops and accidents. However, the company is already looking ahead to the future with Project Phire, which is apparently almost as scratch resistant as Sapphire glass. …

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Aquaris E4.5 will be the first Ubuntu phone to market

Aquaris E4.5 Ubuntu Edition

Spanish mobile phone manufacturer BQ will soon be selling the first Ubuntu smartphone on the market, the Aquaris E4.5 Ubuntu Edition. Almost the same as the regular Aquaris E4.5 that runs Android, the Ubuntu version of the phone will cost €170 (about $190), but in a strange move, at first it will only be …

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Apple gives game developers credit for App Store success

Apple’s App Store wouldn’t have become such a huge success if it wasn’t for the support of game developers, according to the company’s Vice President of iPhone and iOS Product Marketing, Greg Joswiak, speaking to developers while accepting the first ever Technical Impact Award from the Academy of Interactive Arts …

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Apple is finally replacing iPhoto

Apple is finally ditching its iPhoto application along with Aperture, in order to replace them both with a new photos app for OS X Yosemite. The change over was initially promised last year but it has taken a while for Apple to get things moving. The developer version of the …

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Allwinner A64: a $5 64-bit quad-core chip for 4K tablets and CE

Allwinner, a Chinese maker of application processors for mobile devices and consumer electronics, recently introduced the world’s cheapest 64-bit application processor. The system-on-chip, which costs just $5, will power high-performance tablets and CE devices with 4K ultra-high-definition displays. The Allwinner A64 SoC integrates four ARM Cortex-A53 general-purpose cores, an unknown …

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The HTC M9 has been spotted in gold

HTC’s upcoming flagship device, the HTC One M9, is set to be shown off at the Mobile World Congress next month. However, we already have our first look at the device, in gold, showing a familiar design, aside from the new camera. The handset was formally known as Hima during …

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Apple is making a Beats powered music streaming service

Apple is currently building a new music streaming service with features and technologies from Beats Music, according to new reports. The new service will operate on iOS, Apple TV and in a surprising twist, possibly Android as well. This news comes from 9to5Mac, which has a pretty good reputation when …

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Under Armour acquires MyFitnessPal

Popular smartphone fitness tracking application, MyFitnessPal, has now been acquired by US based sports clothing company Under Armour for $475 (£311) million . This brings it into the fold of workout related apps like MapMyFitness and EndoMondo, creating a unified platform for keeping an eye on how you performed in …

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BT officially buying EE for £12.5 billion

British Telecom has announced that for a staggering £12.5 billion, it will be purchasing mobile provider Everything Everywhere (EE), creating one of the largest telecoms companies in the world. The deal will see existing shareholders Deutsche Telecom and Orange sell their current stakes in the business, but receive a small …

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iOS 8 now found on 72 per cent of devices

iOS 8 had a bit of a slow start but the adoption rate is finally starting to climb up at a faster rate with almost three-quarters of all iOS devices now running the latest version, which Apple launched last year alongside the new iPhone 6. Based on the latest statistics …

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Razer has updated the Blade 14 gaming notebook

Razer has updated its Blade 14 inch gaming notebook for 2015, swapping out the old GTX 870m graphics chip for the new Maxwell based GTX 970m with improved power consumption capabilities. The laptop will also be available with a 1080p screen now as well as the 3200×1800 display introduced last …

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Here is our first look at the OnePlus OxygenOS

You may have heard that OnePlus and Cyanogen had a bit of a falling out recently and as a result, the OnePlus Two will not use CyanogenMod OS but rather, a home-made operating system called OxygenOS. We now have our first look at what the OxygenOS will look like thanks …

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Intel retains position of top tablet SoC supplier

Intel Corp. maintained its position of the top supplier of application processors (APs) for non-Apple tablets in the third quarter of 2014, according to a new report from Strategy Analytics. Thanks to the fact that Intel’s roadmap includes various low-cost chips for mobile devices as well as solutions from Rockchip and …

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Only 1.6% of Android phones run Lollipop

Android versions

Android 5.0 (or “Lollipop” as its known) has been out for over 3 months now and unfortunately despite the massive improvements over earlier version of Android, it is hardly managing to make a dent in the overall Android picture. Even the long since supported Android 2.3 “Gingerbread” has over four times …

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Apple to use jewellery store security protocols for Apple Watch

Apple will reportedly use similar security protocols to jewellery stores in order to protect the more expensive editions of its upcoming Apple Watch wearable, which will begin shipping in April. These security measures will be in place to protect the Apple Watch ‘Edition’ specifically, which may cost several thousand dollars …

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Google Now gains 3rd party app integration


Shouting at your Android phone is pretty fun with Google now, but Google is about to enhance this functionality and it will soon announce that it’s allowing third-party apps to deliver information to Google Now. This will allow over 30 selected third-party developers to integrate their services into the voice service, in …

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