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Panasonic wants to partner with Tesla on more than batteries


Panasonic has announced its intention to expand its current partnership with electric car marker Tesla, beyond the battery manufacturing deal the two currently have together. CEO at the company, Kazuhiro Tsuga said in an interview that he would like to see the company expand into autonomous driving sensors that could …

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Tesla to take on Uber in ride sharing program


Although there are still plenty of car manufacturers pumping out new designs for human controlled, combustion equipped vehicles, many believe the writing is on the wall for the car industry. Along with being electric, our cars are going to drive us around autonomously and we may not even own them …

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Roomba creators are working on poo detection issues


The Roomba is one of the most recognisable robot helpers out there, having been available in various guises for years and has helped many thousands of people live in automatically vacuumed homes. They do also have one glaring problem though: if they run over animal faeces, they can spread it …

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Google announces Fiat partnership with driverless cars

While Google has spent many years developing autonomous vehicles, many wondered if it would eventually get into car manufacturing itself, or partner with a more traditional company. It looks like the latter may be the most true of those ideas, as it's now announced a partnership with Fiat to help …

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China is gunning hard for driverless cars too

We've heard a lot about western companies like Google, Tesla and various traditional manufacturers working on autonomous vehicle technology, but China is making a big play for it too. Along with Baidu, many Chinese firms have been working on developing self-piloting vehicles, many of which showed off their latest efforts …

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Robots may replace window cleaners, painters next

More than five million jobs are thought likely to be replaced by robots in the coming decade according to some analysts, and it may be that window cleaning and painting are part of that number. A new drone design from Apellix is conceptualising the idea of a robotic painting system, …

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Forget passenger drones, what about a drone ambulance?

Although drones have promised lots of interesting developments in film making, surveillance and delivery, they are getting powerful enough to transport people, as we saw recently. But forget making travel easy for the rich, transporting injured people between the scene of an accident and a hospital quickly and without disturbance …

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Tesla scales back car automation, for now

Although most analysts believe that full vehicle automation won't be ready until 2020, Tesla recently jumped the gun and introduced its take on the feature back in October last year to mixed praise and concern. In line with the latter response, Tesla has now released an update which restricts where …

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Google Ford partnership could mirror Baidu BMW deal

Google and Ford are said to be in talks to partner over the development of automated vehicles according to sources that are said to have been “briefed on the matter.” Although yet to be officially detailed, the partnership could well be similar to the deal struck between Chinese search giant …

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NASA bringing rover tech to driverless cars

Driverless car technologies are coming on leaps and bounds at the moments, with the world's first motorway-only automated features set to hit commercial cars as soon as 2017. However, whether our automated future will look like the cars of old, or something more akin to Google's Pod Car design remains to …

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Baidu ups stake in driverless cars with BMW deal

If you asked anyone relatively in the know about which company was pushing driverless cars forward the most, it wouldn't be some long standing automaker, but the search giant Google. This might seem bizarre now, but apparently it's not that far fetched a transition, since Chinese search giant Baidu is …

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UK could lead the way on driverless cars

We're on the cusp of fully automated vehicles, with manufacturers pushing ever more advanced features like lane-assist and automatic braking and Google showing off fully working, entirely autonomous prototypes to the world, but there's one thing holding them back from the next stage of adoption: legislation. While the US has …

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Google set to build its own self-driving cars

Google has ditched any thoughts of twinning its self-drive technology with another more traditional manufacturer and has instead begun the steps to start its own line of vehicles. They're set to be built with a start/stop button, no controls and a look that's designed to make people see automated vehicle …

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