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The next Civilisation is very different

CIV games are pretty self explanatory when you've played at least one of them before. You have your cities, your armies, your workers and you make your way through the tech tree, warring on the battlefield, culturally, religiously and try to take as much territory as possible. That's, not exactly …

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Blizzard announces new IP Overwatch

Blizzcon officially kicked off just a few hours ago and during the opening ceremony Blizzard decided to announce its first new franchise in a long time- Overwatch. Overwatch is a cartoonish team-based first person shooter, currently those at the event are comparing the game to Team Fortress 2. A CG …

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WildStar developer hit with layoffs

It looks like WildStar, Guild Wars and City of Heroes publisher, NCSoft, is running in to some trouble and as a result, the company, along with several developers have been hit with layoffs. Guild Wars developer, Arenanet, is unaffected whereas WildStar developer, Carbine, has had to let go around 60 people, cutting …

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Zenimax reveals ESO subscriber loyalty program

Zenimax is making an effort to keep current and former Elder Scrolls Online subscribers coming back for more by announcing a loyalty program, which will reward those who continue to subscribe for longer than three months. Starting from September, subs that have stuck around for three months will receive a …

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SOE: PlanetSide 2 pop-up ads aren’t going away

If you've been playing PlanetSide 2 recently then you may have noticed that SOE has implemented a new notification system. This new system will give free players little pop-up ads which periodically ask them if they want to upgrade to a premium membership. Many players began receiving these notifications several …

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