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Social networks, tech firms to block ‘extremist’ images


Some of the world’s biggest technology firms are going to share a database of image and video hashes for ‘extemist content’ with one another, in order to prevent them from appearing on their various platforms. This is much the same system they use to tackle child pornography and although it …

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Ethereum leveraged for new smart-contract blockchain


Public blockchain platform, Ethereum, is being used as the backbone for a new, smart-contract system built on blockchain technology, which should help guarantee workers are paid for services and provide safeguards for all parties before hand. It’s hoped that such a system could enhance If This Then That (IFTTT) business, …

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G2A Direct is proving popular with developers


G2A Direct, the developer partnership program twinned with the G2A game key seller, is proving popular. To date it has signed up 50 production companies and individuals and that’s actually proving difficult for the platform provider, which claims it didn’t expect anywhere near such a positive response. Launched in July …

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Nokia set to make Android smartphone return in 2017


A number of ex-Nokia employees have banded together and licensed the brand name from Microsoft. Not only that, but they’ve secured a manufacturing partnership too and plan to resurrect Nokia smartphones in 2017 – building a brand new Android device around it. The new firm is called HMD Global and …

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Nvidia has launched a new AI focused podcast

Nvidia might be most well known for its graphics cards, but it has its fingers in lots of pies, from autonomous vehicles, to virtual reality. One area it’s also delving into is deep learning and AI development and to discuss some of its efforts, as well as the wider industry, …

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Adblock parent firm shrugs off sixth German lawsuit


Eyeo GmbH, the company behind popular browser extension, AdBlock Plus, has won yet another court case in Germany, where it has now faced down and won six separate lawsuits against it. This one was against a mighty opponent too: one of the country’s biggest media brands, Der Spiegel. Although Der …

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Amazon has best weekend ever for selling its own devices


The last week has been very kind to Amazon, with its bevy of sales helping it make tens of millions at discounted retail, but it also showed that some of the most popular products were Amazon’s own. Alexa equipped devices were some of the hottest sellers and Amazon managed to …

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France’s biggest file sharing site has been shut down by Police


The biggest file sharing website in France, Zone-Telechargement, has been shut down after being seized by the police. This will see millions of file sharers looking elsewhere for their content, as Zone-Telechargement was ranked as the 11th biggest website in France at the time of its shutdown. Launched in 2011, …

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What’s your favourite gaming soundtrack?

As someone who spends a lot of time writing while trying not to be distracted by all the wonders of the internet, I love a good video game soundtrack. They play along nicely in the background while I work, just as when I game, keeping me immersed, focused and on …

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