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Musk claims new Tesla autopilot could have prevented death


Tesla’s CEO and founder, Elon Musk, has said of the company’s latest autopilot software update, that with the on board radar now utilised as a major sensor rather than a complimentary one, it’s very possible that the recent in-car fatality of a Tesla customer could have been prevented. The incident …

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Zuckerberg attacked for Facebook censoring Vietnam war image


Mark Zuckerberg has been attacked by a Norwegian newspaper and many international commenters, for what many people see as outright censorship of an iconic photo from the Vietnam war. He has been accused of abusing his power and making Facebook limit freedoms with its aggressive editing of certain images. Perhaps the …

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WoW Legion sales top 3.3 million on day one

Sales of World of Warcraft’s latest expansion, Legion, show there’s still plenty of life in the Azeroth yet. On just the first day of sale, over 3.3 million copies were sold, netting Blizzard a tasty bump in revenue and no doubt a number of returning subscriptions to go along with …

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Flash porn videos will soon become a thing of the past


In the gradual disintegration of support for Adobe’s Flash player, porn sites are some of the last hold outs, but not for much longer. With browsers like Chrome ending support for it in the near future, many of the world’s largest porn peddlers are now announcing that they’re moving over to …

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Liberty Media is buying Formula 1 for £3.3 billion


U.S. media conglomerate, Liberty Media, has announced that it is purchasing the entire sport of Formula 1 for a total of $4.4 billion (£3.3 billion). It will become part of the company’s expansive portfolio, which includes a controlling stake in Sirius XM satellite radio, Ticketmaster, Bodybuilding.com and a number of …

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All PS4s to receive HDR update


While the PS4 Pro is Sony’s biggest announcement in recent months, it did reveal a minor detail during the debut of that generation-and-a-half system: that all PS4s would soon support HDR lighting. It will come as part of a firmware update in the near future, presumably around the November launch …

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Playing Pokémon Go in Russian church saw streamer arrested

While Western Youtubers might be upset about copyright and the monetisation of the streaming site, things can be far worse in other parts of the world. A Russian Youtuber has been arrested and charged for recording himself playing Pokémon Go in church. 21 year old Ruslan Sokolovsky released a Youtube video back …

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200+ sentenced since new revenge porn laws introduced


During the 2015-2016 year ending in March, a total of 206 people were prosecuted utilising new ‘revenge porn’ laws introduced at the start of last year. This comes out of a Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) report, which looks at many aspects of sexual offences against men and women. A big reason for …

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Update: Samsung to recall all Note 7s, halt sales


Update: Following on from the rumour that Samsung would be replacing certain damaged Galaxy Note 7 devices after reports of battery fires, the Korean electronics giant will now recall all sold devices and will halt sales moving forward. Replacement handsets will be issued to affected customers. Samsung has said that it may take …

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