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Guccifer hacker sentenced to 4+ years in jail


The Romanian hacker known as Guccifer, has been sentenced to a total of 52 months in jail by a U.S. court, after extradition to the country earlier this year. He plead guilty to several charges relating to hacking various high-profile members of the U.S. political system and has now been …

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Courts finally dismiss Lindsey Lohan’s GTA V lawsuit


More than two years on since actress Lindsay Lohan began legal action against GTA V publisher, Take-Two, for what she claimed was an unlicensed use of her image for some of the game’s art and one of the in-game characters too, the courts have thrown it out. Lohan’s suit began …

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Filming wraps on live action Full Metal Alchemist adaptation


The three month shooting schedule for the live action adaptation of Hiromu Arakawa’s Full Metal Alchemist has now finished, keeping the feature length film on track for its 2017 release schedule. Some are still concerned about its Japanese focus however, considering the heavy European influence on the original manga and anime. …

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BT is taking Valve to court over patent infringement


British Telecom (BT) has announced that it’s taking Valve to court, over what it claims are patent infringements by the longtime game developer and publisher. While there does seem to be some merit to the suit, all of the patents are rather generic, so there will likely be some wiggle …

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Catch up on Dotcom’s livestreamed extradition appeal here

The Kim Dotcom extradition appeal is an ongoing legal battle between the German national and the combined might of the NZ and U.S. governments, but it’s not happening quietly. You can watch a replay of the livestream now, in preparation for its continuance Thursday (NZ time) early tomorrow. Dotcom’s legal …

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GoG now has a wallet system too


Although their feature sets are relatively similar, GoG and Steam do have a few distinct differences. Steam has an emphasis on community through trading, badges and ARGs, while GoG has no DRM and fair price cashback for certain games in certain regions. One feature that is now available on both …

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NZ courts give approval for Dotcom trial live stream


For the first time in New Zealand’s history, one of its court trials will be live streamed to the world and it’s Kim Dotcom’s extradition appeal that will break this new ground. It should give viewers much deeper insight into the case itself, but also a look at how the …

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NASA year long Mars habitation study concluded


A study that lasted a whole year to see how astronauts might deal with the difficulties of living in confined conditions with each other to simulate a round trip to Mars, has concluded in Hawaii. The study saw six scientists living together inside a specially built habitat for the full …

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Nintendo promises to do better with launch of NX console

Although the Wii u did manage to gain some traction at various points over the past few years, it never garnered the mainstream attention afforded to the PS4 and Xbox One. That’s something Nintendo wants to change with its next-generation system, the NX, expected to launch in March 2017. “One …

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Corsair introduces new Lux range of mechanical boards


We’re a big fan of Corsair’s mechanical keyboards here at KitGuru. Whether you’re talking one of the newer STRAFE designs, or the earlier K70 variants, Corsair’s mechanical boards tick a lot of boxes. The new line of Lux keyboards is designed to slot into various points in Corsair’s pricing, with per-key …

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Earthquake zone residents urged to leave Wi-Fi open


In the wake of the Italian earthquake which has claimed the lives of several hundred people, local residents of stricken areas are being asked to remove the password protection on their Wi-Fi networks, as mobile networks continue to remain down. The Italian Red Cross put the call out first, as …

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Renting skips Insomnia LAN headaches


As well organised as the Insomnia LAN events are, there are a number of issues that are intrinsic with a large scale LAN experience: there will be queues and there is always the chance you’ll break something important. One solution that’s becoming increasingly popular is renting systems and the prices …

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Uber losses are mounting, can it keep growing?


Uber is one of those companies that has always lost money. It survives purely on continued investment because it’s a good idea. That means it’s worth tens of billions of pounds, despite making catastrophic losses. The question is, can it keep it up? The latest report suggests that Uber lost …

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MegaUpload website now advertising cams and dating ads


When Kim Dotcom was arrested in 2012, his assets seized along with his website, MegaUpload.org, all of the servers and their files, the associated services and the data of many millions of users, it shut it down with the purpose of preventing what it saw as further piracy. But nobody expected …

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First consumer autonomous car trial to begin in Singapore

Cars that drive themselves is something that we’re gradually easing towards with trials and tests, but nobody has begun a full commercial roll out of the technology, until now. In Singapore they’ve signed off on the first official test of autonomous taxis, with MIT spin off, Nutonomy, beating the likes …

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