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$17,000 compensation goes to wrongfully accused ‘pirate’


A man who was accused of pirating Adam Sandler movie, The Cobbler, has been awarded $17,000 by an Oregon judge in compensation for the aggressive tactics by the production company that tried to take him to court. The monetary award will cover the man’s legal fees accrued throughout the process, as …

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France’s biggest file sharing site has been shut down by Police


The biggest file sharing website in France, Zone-Telechargement, has been shut down after being seized by the police. This will see millions of file sharers looking elsewhere for their content, as Zone-Telechargement was ranked as the 11th biggest website in France at the time of its shutdown. Launched in 2011, …

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Russia’s head of anti-piracy arrested for ‘fraud’


The head of one of Russia’s largest anti-piracy agencies has been arrested and charged with fraud, stemming from an alleged incident where he offered to drop the case against a well known pirate site in exchange for monetary compensation. He is said to have demanded as much as 50 million …

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NBC Universal and others caught faking takedown links

Copyright Troll

One of the tactics that movie studios, music labels and copyright trolls use in taking down sites, having them blocked or attempting to extort money, is to find links to infringing content and either use them as court evidence, for DMCA takedowns. It turns out though that some groups manufacture …

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TorrentHound becomes third big site to shutdown in 2016


2016 has not been a good year for torrent sites. On top of losing mainstream sharing traction to streaming sites and services, three of the top 10 torrent sites in the world have shut down. Following along with KickassTorrens and Torrentz, TorrentHound has now announced a sudden end to its …

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Pirates beware! KAT scammers are inbound


Popular websites are like the mythical hydra: cut off their head and two more appear in their place. When it comes to torrent sites though, they’re like some kind of super hydra, as when they disappear, tens crawl out of the woodwork to replace them. In the case of Kickass Torrents, …

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NBC patents tech to detect and monitor torrent swarms


Media companies have been trying to battle piracy and online torrent sites for years without much success. However, NBC Universal recently been granted a patent that details new technology designed to detect and track those downloading torrents. The “Early Detection of High Volume Peer-to-Peer Swarms” system is designed to detect …

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Courts push back on Dallas Buyers Club ‘extortion’

Along with the producers of The Hurt Locker, the creators of Dallas Buyers Club have been the most aggressive in recent years in going after alleged internet pirates of their movies. Not everyone rolls over and takes it though, as the latter group are now facing potential sanctions over tactics described …

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Game of Thrones leaked early by pirates, again

Despite efforts made by HBO to crack down on potential leaks of the new episodes of its flagship medieval fantasy show, Game of Thrones, they just keep on spouting. Once again the latest episode of the show appeared online before it was available through legitimate channels. In recent years along …

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Torrent Sites pre-warned not to share Euro Cup games

In an effort to prevent torrent sites from being one of the most popular destinations for those looking to watch games of the European Cup 2016, Sony Pictures Networks has been pre-warning the sites not to share the games. It’s even threatening legal action if the site owners ignore it. …

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Game of Thrones season opener triggers piracy surge

With the official debut of this season’s episode one of Game of Thrones, millions of people around the world have been eagerly watching to find out what is set to happen to some of their favourite characters. Not everyone did so through official channels though. Indeed, more than a million …

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UK government wants 10 year jail sentences for online piracy

Following on from an almost year-long consultation on the matter, the UK government has decided that two-year maximum prison sentences for those caught sharing copyrighted material online might not be enough, and now wants to push for a ten-year maximum sentence instead. According to an Intellectual Property Office report, this …

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PIPCU goes after dodgy box seller in latest piracy crackdown

Although most pirates that organisations like the Police Intellectual Property Crime Unit (PIPCU) go after tend to be uploaders, seeders and platform providers, there is a more real world group that they want to crack down on too: the sellers of pirating hardware. Boxes that give you free access to …

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Kodi to take legal action to combat links to piracy

Kodi is a pretty well-known media player, used by millions across the world to view content. However, it also doubles as a popular tool for piracy, with many third-party packs available that grant access to streaming sites, torrent trackers as well as streams to live TV channels like Sky Sports. …

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Czech Pirate Party happy at charges of operating torrent site

When you get a letter through the post informing you that you are to be charged by the authorities for operating a platform that facilitates copyright infringement, a positive response is not expected – just ask Kim Dotcom. But that’s exactly how the Czech Pirate Party reacted, suggesting that it …

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Vladimir Putin’s internet adviser runs his own torrent site

Even if movie studios might like to paint the world as unanimous in their hatred of piracy, cultures and politicians have different opinions depending where you look. In Russia for example, Vladimir Putin’s recently appointed internet advisor has strong links with a torrent site and has a much more relaxed attitude …

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Accused movie pirates in U.S. can receive free legal counsel

Although its much less of a common tactic today than it once was, some movie distributors still like to target individual downloaders and attempt to have them pay through the nose for pirating a single movie. Considering defending yourself can be an expensive practice, one judge in the U.S. has …

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UK public doesn’t want 10 year piracy prison sentences

The British public has almost unanimously rejected a call from the government to extend the maximum prison sentence for media pirates from two years to ten, following a consultation on the matter. The results suggest that the public just doesn’t see piracy in the same way the government does. To …

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Pirates warn game DRM may soon make pirating impossible

Although stopping game-pirates has seen developers get creative with their methods, it often seems about as futile as copyright protections on movies and music. That may not be the case for much longer though, as a Chinese cracking group has warned that if DRM protections continue to increase in complexity, …

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