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RIM release BlackBerry Playbook OS 2.0.1.

Research In Motion have released Playbook OS 2.0.1 update, alongside their 4G version of the Playbook. The company are still dealing with a leak of Playbook OS 2.1 from a couple of days ago. The 2.0.1. update is primarily a performance related upgrade for Blackberry Playbook WiFi versions. RIM have …

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Curiosity touches down successfully – Tweets Curiosity

At 06:32 this morning, the Mars Science Lab completed the second stage in its journey to discover if the Red Planet ever supported life. KitGuru breathes a sigh of relief. In a novel twist to space exploration, NASA scientists have programmed Curiosity to behave exactly like a human on holiday. …

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Kodak strikes Apple a court room blow

Kodak Kick

Kodak filed for bankruptcy in January of this year and has been trying to sell some patents in order to pay off creditors. Apple wasn’t keen on that, since it claimed to own a fair few of the patents Kodak was shopping around. However, this week a Judge sided with …

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France could drop its three strikes anti-piracy law

French Three Strikes

One of Europe’s proponents of the controversial three strikes anti-piracy law could be set to drop it, after an announcement by French culture minister Aurelie Filipetti described it as “too expensive to justify.” Hadopi is both the name of the anti-piracy law itself and the organisation that is in charge …

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A quick peak at the Google Nexus 7

While the debate about whether Samsung copied Apple or Apple copied Samsung rages away in California, Google has decided to put its paw in the water with a low cost tablet of its own. Before our mobile expert Blair McClelland publishes a full, indepth analysis of the tablet within the …

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Software update threatens Knight Capital’s survival

With Windows 8 on the verge of release, ‘software disasters’ are foremost on KitGuru’s mind. News has surfaced in the US of A that shows the perils of automating mission-critical tasks. As 1,500 people at Knight Capital wonder if they will have a job next week, KitGuru checks its piggy …

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RIM CEO: “We may need to look at licensing” for BB10

Research in Motion CEO Thorsten Heins has said that their upcoming mobile operating system, Blackberry 10, could move away from how the company has traditionally operated. In an effort to increase its dwindling user based, Heins admits that licensing Blackberry 10 could be part of the company’s future. “To deliver …

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Nasa wants you – to make infographics

Nasa Wants You

NASA is an organisation that likes to look at space, take pictures and take notes. In other words, looking up at that big black canvas, Nasa has determined a lot of things, which means a lot of data. In-fact, NASA has so much data that it’s difficult to sift through …

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Demonoid still down, directing some to malware


One of the world’s most recognisable and popular torrent websites, Demonoid, along with its tracker, is still down. However some are now reporting that upon visiting the URL, they are being redirected to other websites infected with malware. Demonoid has now been down for almost a week, following a large …

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Android 4.0 ported to the Raspberry Pi

Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich has been ported to the $25 Raspberry Pi, giving some users a long awaited taste of Android on the tiny device. The port allows the device, better known for running various versions of Linux, to act much like a smartphone or tablet, albeit at a …

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Android Ice Cream Sandwich adoption jumps to 16%

Google has today released the latest Android distribution figures. The data is collected from devices that have accessed the Google Play Store in the last two weeks and while it is perhaps most useful for developers, we like to have a look at it to see how “fragmented” the Android …

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Microsoft Surface could cannibalise Ultrabook sales

A Taiwanese analyst company called Trendforce are claiming that Microsoft could hurt the market for Ultrabooks with their upcoming release of the Surface tablet. Additionally they add that it will put additional pressure on Android tablets and cause more confusion for the average punter in the street. Research director Eric …

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Apple seek sanctions against Samsung statement

Apple are asking a federal judge to impose sanctions against a statement that Samsung issued which included evidence the judge excluded from the high profile patent infringement trial. Apple sent a letter to U.S. District judge Lucy Koh in San Jose. they said that Samsung’s July 31st release through the …

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Digg is reborn with Facebook integration


Digg has returned to the internet after a month and a half of development from new owners Betaworks. Bought for half a million dollars on 12th July, despite the fact that it was once valued at $164 million and was considered the forefront of web news sharing, Digg is trying …

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Apple chip designer Jim Keller (re)joins AMD

AMD seem to be having a tough period right now facing stiff competition from Intel and Nvidia, however they have acquired a high profile chip veteran – Jim Keller. Jim Keller is returning to the roost, he worked for AMD for more than a decade, designing their chips. His recent …

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Valve tweaks T&Cs to protect against lawsuits

Steam Subscriber Agreement

Valve has updated the Steam terms and conditions, in order to help protect itself from potential lawsuits from its customer base, specifically the class action kind. “It’s clear to us that in some situations, class actions have real benefits to customers. In far too many cases however, class actions don’t …

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Shots that challenge Apple’s ability to beat Samsung

With $2.5 billion on the table, Apple and Samsung will be punching each other to death with squads of highly paid lawyers in a California court room. Central to Apple’s case is that the launch of the iPad in 2010 (three years after the iPhone in 2007) heralded the world’s …

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Dropbox admit hack – user accounts compromised

One of the most useful services online, Dropbox have admitted they were hacked. Some account names and passwords have been stolen in the process. Some users flagged that they were receiving spam associated with only the DropBox account. The company looked into the problems and found that some usernames and …

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Apple v Samsung, more prototype designs released

The second day of the Apple vs Samsung case showcased many prototype designs. Christopher Stringer, an Apple designer and first witness produced a wide range of iPhone and iPad designs, some of which he was carrying with him. According to the case, Apple produce hundreds of prototypes for each product, …

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Google acquire Wildfire, social media marketing firm

Google have acquired Wildfire Interactive, a social media marketing firm. The idea is to offer their clients new opportunities to interact with people across social services. Wildfire are comprised of nearly 400 employees. Wildfire Interactive were formed 4 years ago in Redwood City, California and they are focused on helping …

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Google postpones retail launch of the Nexus Q

When the Nexus Q was unveiled at Google I/O in late June it was met with a mixed response. While some liked the idea of a neat looking media streamer dedicated to Google’s platform, it received a lot of negative feedback for being basically useless for anything more advanced. Due …

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Can Tweet sentence cause a jail sentence?

In one of the most bizarre stories of recent times, a British teenager has been arrested for a tweet in which no one swore, threatened, made racial or sexual statements. KitGuru considers how free a country can be when you’re not free to tweet an opinion. Right now, in the …

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